Life & Business Coaching for Brave, High-Integrity Leaders

Diana Murphy

A personal life coach for: 

  • CEOs
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business leaders
  • Anyone making a significant shift —
    new role, new life circumstance,
    selling a business

You’re successful and you know something needs to change.

You’re growing personally and professionally.

You want to explore how to get what you truly want.

You’re committed to investing time in the tactical, strategic work.

Return to the bold visionary you once were in your business and life.

Accelerate your ability to innovate, transform, and disrupt so you can make a meaningful impact.

We can partner in two ways:

Life & Leadership 1:1 Business Coaching

A custom-built experience where you’ll savor the space, time, and support to confidently make fast pivots. 

Your coaching experience starts with three months and is highly personalized to give you consistent, direct support when you need it most.

90 minute Deep Dive Vision & Planning Session

If you need a quick infusion of expert insight on one big problem or decision, let’s get you on the fast track!

This is a 3-part powerful coaching session designed to give you clarity, focus, and momentum.

Know you need support and are not sure what you need?
Let’s have a conversation.

Email me at diana (@) or book an open discussion below.