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I’m Diana Murphy

I Help CEOs to Succeed

You are working so hard to get your business to where it is now.  It took a lot of grit and grind to get here, but what now?

You know you could be taking better care of your physical health, but how?  There’s just not enough time, you just don’t have the bandwidth and motivation right now to do more.

Deep down you know you can’t sustain the pace you’re at now. But you’re a bit afraid that if you turn your attention to taking care of yourself first that your business will suffer.

At times, you sacrificed time with your loved ones and friends and then wonder when you’ll ever get some downtime to yourself.  

And what is even more daunting to you is that you have goals and vision for your company’s growth and future but can’t see how it is even possible working at the pace you are now.  

You are taking care of your family, your team… is time to take care of you.


There is a solution…

Lose Your First 5 Pounds

Let me show you how