Diana Murphy

The Coach for CEOs

If you’re a business owner and you’re …

  • Stressed out & worried
  • In the middle of a significant transition
  • Overthinking & overworked

Stop pushing yourself to the brink.

And start your journey toward wholehearted growth — for you, your people, your clients, and your life.

Trust me — you’re a genius.

Get quick reminders of your bravery and self-coaching tips every Friday in a tidy little email.

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An invitation to the regret-proof life…

You’ve had unique and powerful life experiences. Please, don’t stop leading, doing, and showing up as your best self — we’re counting on you.

Humanity needs you and your brilliance.

There’s only one thing more powerful than any other growth you’ll accomplish.

Diana Murphy, lady walking in red dress across street

How does this sound?

Becoming more you than ever before. No second-guessing for even a second about what people will say. Putting your foot down v.s. waiting for others’ approval.

Doing life a bit scared and vulnerable is a regret-proof life.

You, brave, wholehearted leader creating your legacy.

You’ve got this.

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