Diana Murphy

Life & Mindset Coaching for Leaders & Business Owners

You proved you could do it. 

You built the business, landed the role, and hit success.

There’s just one big problem — something’s off.

Trust me — you’re a genius.

Get straight-to-the-gut reminders of your bravery, coaching tips, and exclusive invitations to classes in a tidy little email.

Brave leadership is beautiful. And it has its challenges.


Facing big decisions.

Preparing for a transition.

And because you run your life with integrity, everything needs to have meaning.

Making BIG decisions

In a transition

Doing something new

Getting back to being the visionary

Fully stepping into your power


What to expect coaching with me: 

  • You’ll see significant shifts — personally and professionally.
  • You’ll confidently declare what you really want — and go after it.
  • You’ll carve out more time to do the strategic, visionary work.
  • You’ll scale while honoring your values, health, and the people you love.
  • You’ll blaze your own trail.
Diana Murphy, lady walking in red dress across street

I’m Diana, the coach for CEOs and leaders who lead with integrity and heart. 

I support leaders who are wholeheartedly invested in their greatness. I help them move from overwhelmed and fire-fighting to grounded, intentional, and strategic leadership.

I’m your coach if you want an expert guide to help you clarify your highest vision.

Restore your joy for life and work.

Take back control and make smart, meaningful decisions that honor your deepest desires for your future.

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