Diana Murphy

Personal Life & Mindset Coach for the Entrepreneur

I help successful business owners grow their bottom line and impact without losing their mind, health and relationships.

How You Think Matters

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Relationships: Team/Family

Self Care & Weight Loss

Goals & Future Focus

Diana Murphy is the Business Owner’s Coach

I’m the perfect coach for an expert advisor/solo practitioner/real estate professional that wants to create financial growth without tanking the rest of your life.

You share your priorities on what you’d like to achieve during our series of working together and I guide you to that vision of your most ideal outcome. I’m there along the way as you hit your stride in new ways of taking care of yourself as well as handling stress. We celebrate the GREAT days you’re having and also the problems that are rocking you. This work results in a new confidence, a calmer mind and a new resilience as your company and challenges grow. We don’t work together because there is a problem (although it may feel like it right now). We work together because you want to create more and get in alignment with why you started this business in the first place.

I helps clients realize their vision for their business, their health, their teams and personal relationships in their lives.

No Limits

What is The Process Like?

It starts with a phone call – we’ll get to know one another and set up a time for a one hour consultation.

Our one hour consultation will help me to understand your life and career experiences, dreams, goals, obstacles, and strengths.

From there, we’ll decide together how we want to work going forward, formulate a plan and schedule to help you achieve your best self.

But it all starts with you – the best time to start with a coach is five years ago, the next best time is right now!


“It has been of great value to me to participate in Diana’s Zone of Genius class during the COVID-19 virtual working environment. I had the opportunity to meet like-minded business owners, and together we shared and supported one another through our entrepreneurial struggles. Diana is SUPERB at surrounding herself with quality people, creating an uplifting space for learning, and honoring where you are on your personal journey.

If someone is looking to work with Diana, I would highly recommend her. She is worth your investment. (Additionally, many of us have had 1:1 conversations regarding the class outside of Diana and we all share the same mutual feedback.) Diana – thank you for being a light for us all.”

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