I help business owners who have reached the level of success where business is happening TO them. I help them stop overworking and stay in growth – for themselves, their team, their clients and their lives.

On Tuesday I asked a question, on Wednesday morning I already had an answer and here it is.

What I know is this, to the degree that you believe your thoughts create your results will be the degree to which you realize your goals and intentions.

Our mind can be so sneaky. Our mind creates stories and beliefs to understand our present reality. We take that into our future and?keep recreating the results that come from that story.

I spent most of my life believing that I wasn?t in control of my health and weight. AND it showed. I spent the bulk of my life believing that story and experienced a roller coaster of losing and gaining weight AND a roller coaster of belief in myself. I was miserable.

When did my weight stabilize? When did it stop being a struggle??When I stopped believing those stories that made it feel like my weight was happening TO ME.

It took its toll until I was Just Over It! I remember the day I decided. I decided to get curious about my belief. I decided to begin a journey of believing that I could figure out what was going to work for me, not only to lose the weight but to keep the weight off peacefully. And I did!!?

I share this story because I do believe I?m still unwrapping an old story. This story is the one I started writing when I started my LLC for my coaching practice. I kept wondering if this business idea was going to work. And my brain kept writing a crappy story around, ?This is never going to work?. We all are unwrapping old stories and writing new ones. This story is the one that comes up easily when I am sad. And it was triggered last week during the protests and looting events in Atlanta.?

I?m SO ONTO IT now after quite a few rounds and have made a decision. I?ve shared this before, are you sick of hearing it? I know I am!!! Getting sick of our stories or mind drama is such a powerful place to start. I was giving this story way too much credence. Enough!

I will honor my natural emotions that come from life and disappointment. I am not going to honor the crappy story that comes up that says, ?This is never going to work.? The brain does not discriminate on what the THIS is. I realized last weekend I started believing that our city was never going to work, my business would never work in this epidemic, economic crisis and now the season our country is entering of righting and fighting racial injustice.?

It does not serve me to honor that thinking.?I?m over it!?And writing a new powerful story for my own life and also for my city.?

Do you notice a familiar story playing in your mind??

Are you over it?

Then, decide.

Start now noticing when this story comes up and get curious, what is a new way to think about this??

What would your future self, your wise future self ask you to start believing right now?

For me, I know 2 things.?

I?m called to use my time on this earth to encourage and coach the brave hearts of the entrepreneurs and leaders that come my way. It?s a blast and it is actually working.

I also know this, as a woman who loves her city of Atlanta and all of the people in it, I?m called to respond to my broken heart by stepping in to fight racial injustice. I?m listening in a new way and also taking a lot of time to unravel my imprinted thinking that is part of this problem.?

YES, mindset works, because every thought, every belief and every story creates a result.?

I?m looking at the world with a different lens than last Tuesday, because I decided to change my mind.?

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