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If you spend any time on social media or in the news, you are acutely aware of the impact of words.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • WORDS MATTER. What does that have to do with mindset and your business? Everything 
  • How you speak and actively think about yourself and your business, has a result.
  • The difference between unintentional thinking and intentional.

Featured on the Show:

If you spend any time on social media or in the news, you are acutely aware of the impact of words.  

There are 2 examples you can see today…..in our political landscape, SO MUCH NAME CALLING.  Words, using them against one another.  It did its work of separating us and giving our mind an opportunity to think that we are more different than we are alike in our country.  It caused damage.  The power is words is evident in a very negative way. 

And with an entirely different example, we can see how grandparents speak to their grandchildren. A lot of encouragement is spoken over them.  You can tell when a child has had great words, you can even see in their own use of words the innocence and the reflection of the impact of those words. 


What does that have to do with mindset and your business?


Because how you speak and actively think about yourself and your business, has a result. Some of those results are intended and some are not.  They can be sneaky & subconscious, under the surface.

This is the nuance of mindset.  It’s the fine art of seeing how your self talk, our conversations around ourselves and our business really does matter. Every word of it.

AND the good news, it can be managed.

As human beings we have a powerful opportunity to decide what to think, what to believe and create in the world.  It all starts with the way we think and talk in our mind first.  We are unique mammals, we actually can watch what we’re thinking.  

On a bad day this is so annoying when our brain gets stuck on something that we’re worried or anxious about.  We just want the negative thoughts to stop.  

And on other days when we feel awful because we are heaping ourselves with self-criticism.  Those words are not helpful. There is a way to manage them…….

When you begin to realize you can actively think and believe ANYTHING that you want to, investing time thinking around new things, new goals, what you want next……it is THE most empowering thing ever. 

It’s the difference between unintentional thinking and intentional.  Identifying what’s underneath (unintentional ) and causing unintended results and pointing our mind and thoughts towards what we want, creating the true results we want in our lives.  

Words absolutely matter……….especially those that we’re using towards ourselves and our efforts.

What you think about your business matters.  

You can create a vision for your future but if you’re just hoping it will happen and thinking in the back of your mind, yup, but that’s not going to work……It will be a rocky ride.

Seeing through this mindset tool I”m going to share takes care of all of the thinking, giving you agency over it.

Let’s start here, with your business.  What are you actively thinking about your business and it’s future?

How do we know what we’re really thinking?  


Grab a sheet of paper or a journal.  

This tool is called a Thought Download.  It’s a simple inquiry and download of what thoughts are active in your mind. Query and curiosity done intentionally in 15 minute spurts when needed.

Writing is helpful because of the connection that handwriting has with our brain.  Really ask.  What do you really think about your business?  

Not what Should you think about your business. This exercise was difficult for me when I first started using it BECAUSE I thought if ALL my thoughts weren’t confident and amazing, I was going to fail.  So I avoided this practice. There were also some crazy ones in there.  But they are just thoughts.  It will be natural to avoid but the power comes from seeing our thoughts, getting them out of our mind and deciding which ones we can lean on and those we can learn from. Here’s my example to help:

  • I’m growing this year
  • I’m having more fun in my business
  • I wonder who my next client will be 
  • It’s tough to find clients.
  • I’m worried everyone is going to start traveling again and not want coaching.
  • I love how profitable I was this year
  • I can see the possibility of more if I keep making connections and take action on my ideas.
  • I love being a coach
  • No one responded, this isn’t going to work.
  • My goals are happening
  • I thought that direction was going to work, but no one signed up. 
  • I hope I handled that right, I might have messed this up.

Normal thoughts all of them.  Awareness is key. It doesn’t mean it’s true……they are simply sentences, thoughts my mind is thinking.  

There was one that really got my attention.  

I have felt a little concerned, hesitant about my business.  

Take my thoughts about my clients wanting coaching this summer. That got my attention and showed me why I hesitated a bit in reaching out about my summer MasterMind. 

If I believe that thought, if i allow my mind to keep landing there……I’ll hesitate, I won’t be confident around promoting it and because of MY actions coming from that thought, “clients won’t want coaching”.  It will have NOTHING to do with them, it has ALL to do with how I am thinking around it.

I have another option, now that I have noticed that thought.  I can think and believe that business owners are going to want support as they do something new in their pivot or new venture as a business owner.  Yes, it will be distracting this summer with more opportunities to travel.  BUT How I choose to think about it is everything.   Choosing a thought that serves my goals, of serving more owners with my next group…….that keeps me in action instead of confusion….key.

When I’m not aware, that one thought “people aren’t going to want coaching in the summer” can create an unintended result.  Not make offers.  MY actions will literally create the result I was NOT SO INNOCENTLY thinking.  

When we take agency over our thinking, especially here in our business decision making, we drive and lead our business.  

Feeling confused, distracted, out of sorts around something that is important to you.  Stop and do a download.  You can quickly see what thoughts you can let go of……

My best example of this was managing my mind during the early pandemic.  Believe me it took a lot of coaching and self coaching with all of the twists, turns and longevity of our shut down.  

I reminded myself that our futures are never certain and didn’t buy into the mindset that we were in so much uncertainty.

I made sure I was actively serving instead of worrying about ‘what to do’ because our economy might crash with the pandemic.  I took control over my controllables.

I believed in my goals, managed my mind A LOT and came out with a pretty dang good year.

Your awareness of the actual thoughts is sometimes power enough.


Pad of Paper/Pen


Allow them to flow

Get every one of them on paper 

Ask a few more questions

Look at what is there.

What needs to go (cross them out)

What needs to stay. 

What shifts in those thoughts can you make that create ease and confidence.

Sample Questions:

What am I thinking about my future right now?

What do I think about my goals, my current results?

If you’re up to a particular project or have a client situation that is stretching you. Do this often to support you during that project or client engagement. 

Download the thoughts, give your mind time to excavate what is there.

Evaluate, what needs to go?  What can you lean into and believe for your future?

WARNING: It will be natural to resist doing downloads, I need the reminder often.  Make it a non-negotiable especially when you’re doing something new. 

Give yourself the power of awareness at another level and those goals will get easier and easier to reach.

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