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Will I ever be thin? I asked this question a lot when I was growing up. It became an urgent one in Middle School when I realized I couldn?t wear all the cool low-rise jeans, mini skirts and cool clothes my friends were wearing. Oh yeah, there were bell-bottoms (the first round) when I was in Middle School! I?m dating myself here. Anyway, I always thought my destiny was somehow determined by something else. Am I ever going to be thin like everybody else, like a normal person, and not have to eat apples when everybody else is eating Twinkies?

Will I ever be thin?

Well, here I am and it has happened. I?m happy in my body, and I can wear the clothes I want. But seriously, did it just happen? What transpired for me in the mean time?

I know my transformation started in my mind way before it started in my body. The first thought that got my attention was: ?Maybe I can?t eat the same amounts as my husband and growing boys.? The next ones were, ?Maybe it is better for me to eat dinner when I?m hungry, even if it is way before my husband has dinner.? ?Perhaps my appetite does know what it is talking about, I CAN safely eat when I?m hungry?. ?Wow, I?m not exercising to burn calories, I just feel amazing now that I am strong.? ?I love ?good for me? food, my body sings when I eat good fuel.?

I know there were a lot of thoughts these were replacing, ?Why it?s a celebration, of course you can eat everything you want.? ?It?s the weekend, not a time to eat diet food.? ?You ran today, that?ll take care of that mini binge you just had?. ?I am a healthy weight now, I can eat like everybody else does: lots of bread, chips, dips and overeating.? ?I?ll really cut back on Monday.? Blah, blah, blah.

This amazing journey of getting thinner, being relaxed and comfortable around food and celebrations, came from changing my Think, not some magic transformation of becoming Thin. It did not come from stringent diet and exercise. Wow, I had to Think healthily first.

What are some thoughts that are getting in your way of treating your body in a healthy way? What ways are you harsh with yourself when you fail at yet another diet? It Does matter. Our belief systems set us up at EVERY decision point around food, to either listen to what our body needs or use food in a way it was never intended in our lives.

Just notice your thinking this week and see what your belief system is around food. As you notice those thoughts, be real about whether they are serving you during those consistent decision points when you put food in your mouth.

Get started now.

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