I help business owners who have reached the level of success where business is happening TO them. I help them stop overworking and stay in growth – for themselves, their team, their clients and their lives.

The photo almost made my cry, it was a picture of a resort with palm trees. I wasn?t looking at the photo with envy but with so much pride on behalf of the sender. He had done the work.

This photo came from a client as he started a much needed family vacation. It represented SO much.?

  • He had given himself permission to get away. (1st vacation in a long time)?
  • I knew he wasn?t thinking about work but staying present with his family.
  • I knew that he wasn?t worried about his business while he was away.
  • I knew that this vacation was fueling him for more.
  • From all the work he has done this winter on his mindset, he is enjoying his work and enjoying his life FULLY.

That did not come naturally for him. AS it?does not come naturally for any of us.?We have been taught by our culture, our schooling our upbringing that our worth is based on how much we do, earn, the amount of hours we work, how thin we are, how much we hustle, how many marathons we run. Need I go on??

That type of grind is killing us my friends.?

It looks like this: We get a beautiful vision to start a business. We serve people at a high level from our unique expertise. And we get to work. Before we know it we have a book of clients, and the drama and stress that comes along with them and we?re working way more hours than our body can take. We start trading out hours of family time and self-care time in exchange for more time at work. Before we know it we are burning the heck out. And that exchange of hours, is not getting an ideal result. It is NOT creating the growth or results we desire: clients, $, new ideas, strong team relationships, great family/personal life.?

There is another way?and Nathan is so beautifully finding it by taking care of the business owner first, himself. By doing that he leverages and creates growth in his business. BECAUSE his deepest desire is to be bringing more value to clients. His work is naturally gratifying when he is operating at his best. Bringing that type of value is not possible when our brain is overworked, our bodies are exhausted and our calendar is over full.?

Do you need this reminder today? Do you need to be encouraged that it is simpler than you think to make these changes??

What Nathan is learning and is?available to you today, is identifying YOUR non-negotiable self-care steps. This takes a little experimentation and the willingness of being uncomfortable spending your time in a new way. The pay off makes this work worth it.

Nathan asked me one more question. ?Why isn?t everybody doing this work???Only because we have never been taught how our brains work. What we come across when we attempt to make these changes are resistance and sometimes fear. When you understand that it is a thought or two creating those feelings, you can move through and sustain the change.?

And you know where Nathan got started? He started focusing on what HE needed to start his days strong. Go through these quick questions and create YOUR self care plan. It is the secret to his success right now.


1. What habit/routine sets you up for success? (Just pick one)

Ideas: Sleep Schedule, Shopping, Meal Prep, Working Out, One small Habit that you know makes everything else easier.

2. What is the ideal morning routine for you? (Try One that you?re WANTING TO DO)

Ideas: Get up early, plan your day, workout and get into office early. Hang at home, get value times with kids/spouse/partner and miss the rush hour. Take 15 minutes with a notepad and download your thoughts (get them OUT of your head) Set 3 Activities that are a must on your calendar.

3. Are you willing to try these for 30 days and tweak where needed??

4. Watch for my 30 day email each month. I?m dedicated to applying a new set of self-care habits by choosing a new 3 every month.?

By the way Nathan is doing great work in the world as a business attorney. If you would like to discuss your closely held business, business transition planning or strategies to maximize your business value you can find him at?https://www.linkedin.com/in/nathanjohns001/?or shoot him an email at?njohns@mendenfreiman.com

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