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If you?re like me and have spent much of your life trying to lose weight to be normal, to fit in, to not be different, you may need to look at your story, where all that started. I did and it provided a new freedom, empowerment and clarity about what was up in my life as it related to my body image and weight.

your story

For me it all started when I walked into a small room with my 3rd grade class. For some reason, two moms came by to weigh everybody at school. I didn?t think much of it until after my weigh in. One mom was writing down everybody?s weight as another was saying it out loud across the room.

?101?, I could hear her pause before she even said it, perhaps questioning that she should say it out loud in front of my classmates. Before I returned to my classroom there were fellow students singing a new jingle in the hallway, ?One oh One, just millimeter longer, One oh One.? Yep I?m old enough that cigarette ads were on TV and this was the newest one. I was jeered at and teased during PE as well; the boys had a particularly good time laughing at me, playing Dodge Ball that day. (Who made up THAT game!!!)

Yep that day did some damage. I was ashamed of my body and realized I was different than my classmates because of my weight. Until I began my training as a BARE Coach, I had NO idea of the impact of that story in my life. It was a deep wound but more than that it was the beginning of looking outside to see if I was ok. From that moment on I began my lifelong search of trying to find the right diet, exercise plan, list of foods, and way to live so I was OK. Diet failures meant I had failed, gaining weight brought shame, losing weight brought strange attention. But I wasn?t at peace, I didn?t love my body whether it was right sized or heavy? I was not feeling ok.

Recognizing the impact of these early messages & painful experiences around being ?fat? has been an important key in my journey. Not only maintaining a healthy weight but more importantly to love the body I?m in right now, in a powerful new way. Once I recognized the wound, it received enough oxygen to heal and now I?m free from its impact.

This work, this new way of looking at our bodies and the messages in our lives around weight is part of my new online group program: DARE Ya: Body Love=Confident Life Weight Loss from the inside out.

This program takes a look at the false messages you have believed and turn them around so your weight loss efforts become just what you want: permanent and enduring. Oh and the bonus, freedom and lots of great self-care and love.

Is This For Me? Sessions

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