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With summer right around the corner, ok, I?m in Atlanta, it?s already here! I thought it?d be an awesome opportunity for all of us (I need the reminder as well) to consider establishing a new healthy habit this summer. What?s ONE thing that you?d like to add to your routine, change in your life and carry on throughout the year.

We have a little more margin in the summer, even when we work full time. There?s a little more ease at work due to co-worker?s vacations, the days are longer which gives us more time to be outside, our children?s schedules change and they don?t have to do homework every night (thank goodness!!). And for most of us, we have an opportunity to spend some time off on a real vacation.

It?s a perfect time to move more, cook more, try some new foods, shop leisurely at a Farmer?s Market, try a new class, work different hours, etc. When on a trip, it?s an awesome time to try a new activity, hike, or take lessons trying a new skill. You know, like paddle boarding on the lake, a new yoga series for beginners, a cooking class, how to prepare meals for the entire week etc.

So what is it for you? What did you get excited about? What is ONE thing you?d like to do that contributes to your health? Just ONE, make a plan, make a commitment to your amazing self to follow through and give it a whirl.

Click here to email me and?I will follow up with a fun worksheet and help you to make it happen!!! ? Need ideas, I can give you some!

I?ve got something new for you!!

Little BitesConference Calls

??Little Bites: 15 minute conference calls, every week, with a follow up action sheet/tip sheet for the week. A little learning, a little support, an attitude that we accomplish our goals one small bite at a time!! (YES I LOVE FOOD ANALOGIES) Watch for email this week with subjects and call in details. Join live or listen to the recording.




New program weight loss doesn't

Weight Loss Doesn?t Have to Be So Hard: I?ve been creating a weight loss program that is practical, fun and effective. Perfect FOR YOU if you came up with MANY things you?d like to change but don?t know where to start.

Turn your diet frustration into freedom, peace and confidence. Click here to be if you’re interested. I?ll be in touch with you soon.



Happy summer to you all, I?m going online as we speak to check out the yoga studios around here, fell in love with some new types of yoga when I was on vacation with my mom want to continue!!

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