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You might wonder why a Weight Loss Coach would think that resisting going on a diet might be a GREAT thing?

If you are feeling resistance when you think about yet again another diet. ? Your body and your mind just might be telling you something.

It might be saying, “I’ve had enough.”

If you’d like to lose some weight and/or get moving more,?do you feel some resistance?

Do you know this might be your body telling you, no please don’t make me do THAT again!!! And it’s right! ?If you have a history (I know I do) of eating in extreme ways, eating too little, skipping meals, removing food groups for a time, working out to excess or too often, you body is right!

What if you make a promise right now to that amazing vessel that you’re living in, “I promise not to harm you any more.”

I think it’s amazing when we connect to this thinking and begin listening to feedback from our body. ?Did you know that we stopped listening to our natural body signals the moment we went on our first diet?

And how do you turn this around and check back in you might ask?

Just start listening again.

Eat when you’re hungry.

Stop when you’re full.

Move in ways you LOVE to.

Eat foods that feel amazing in your body.

Honor your incredible self with compassion & kindness, all the time.

It might take some practice. ?Just start here:

  • Ask: Am I Hungry? ?What sounds good to me?
  • Am I eating slowly enough to sense when I’m full? ?Is it time to stop now?
  • What joy food am I craving? ?Let’s plan on enjoying some of that this week.
  • How do I want to move my body today? ?Or give it rest?

Comment here what works and what sucks about this!!!!!

I will read and respond to every comment.

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