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When we are trying to get to the bottom of why we?re resisting something, like exercise, (ya know, not taking action) we intend to do in our lives, a beautiful way to get to the bottom of it is to ask ourselves some good questions. Oh and I?m all about the questions as you can tell from the last few posts?SMILE.

Diana at exercise class

So? why do you exercise? Really!

I?ll tell you my story. I was standing in front of one of my favorite WW meetings a few years ago and was discussing the value of exercise and activity. I immediately started feeling guilty because I was NOT living what I preached. I was operating under the belief that exercise was to lose weight. I didn?t understand why thin people were working out and since I had been at my goal weight for a while, I didn?t see a need to exercise. (OMG?SERIOUSLY?)

But there was something else. When I happened to show up at the YMCA to work out, there were quite a few gray heads in there, a few were in their 80?s. I realized I had a desire to be that 90-year-old woman that was still going to the gym, still strong and taking care of her body. Well?

So I got started, with very small steps. I started operating with the goal of exercising in a way that would help my mobility, prevent me from falling in my later years and make me feel good. I had been sore and was pulling all sorts of muscles when I would hike on the weekends. I really thought maybe I was too old for this already. (SO GLAD THAT WASN?T TRUE.)

I worked with a functional trainer, we started by stretching and some light workouts. I kept moving forward adding exercises and classes that felt good. Before I knew it I was getting quite active. Cool!!! I have my favorite classes and love playing around with new activities when I get a little bored.

I stopped using workouts to beat back my overeating and now it?s a beautiful part of my life. That?s another sneaky belief I had BTW.

So, why do you exercise? And how do YOU get started?

Here?s your challenge? if getting moving is on your list of priorities, try this.

In the next 7 days, move 6 out of the 7. Move in any way you like, try a few new things, no agenda, just move for as long as you want.

THEN, ask for feedback. What did your body love? What does it want more of?

Email me if you want accountability and I will shoot some motivating emails to your mailbox this week!!!

Oh and I was invited to a photo shoot for an exercise video. Hanging out with my favorite people, another reason I work out BTW!!!

Exercise photo shoot

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