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Man, when a coach asked me this question for the first time, I was sort of? offended? taken aback? Who me? It caught me off guard but it?s SUCH a great question. It?s the secret sauce to losing weight, permanently.

So when is it for you? When do you consistently overeat?

For me, I’d overeat when I went out during the week with girlfriends. I would even choose a restaurant that didn?t have great choices acting like it was totally out of my hands. Then I would overeat, like a champion. It was typically Mexican food, lots of chips, a margarita or two, the combo plate and of course dessert.


Afterward, I?d return home, physically uncomfortable, sleep off the food and alcohol ?coma? and wake up feeling regret. Not what I was looking for. I had been looking for excitement and fun, and I got regret. What?

In the days following, I?d try to shake it off and use these negative feelings of regret and shame to start a new fantastic diet. I?d get a little kick of pride from doing something good for myself and move forward.

And it would happen, again!!!

I totally felt powerless to change this cycle. This is why dieting doesn?t work. Dieting and constraining ourselves around food doesn?t solve the why.

Why am I overeating?

To unlock this cycle for you, start here like I did:

  1. Why? What was I looking for in that moment?
  2. There?s a beautiful clue here, shift your focus from the food to what you were trying to gain from eating the food?
  3. What was I feeling before this moment?
  4. Is it working? Are you feeling what you hoped to gain from the food?
  5. What intention can I set for next time?

After I took some time look at this situation, for me, it was feeling lonely. Food was certainly not able to help me to feel less lonely. Good to know. The next few outings, instead of going into a food storm during the meal, I started slowing down, engaging with those girlfriends, & really listening instead of fogging out with the food. Oh and being honest with some of those feelings with myself most of all.

This shift is the secret sauce.

What is it for you?

This isn’t a rhetorical question. Writing down your answers can be so empowering. I?ve been there, unlocking the judgment cycle around overeating can feel so counterintuitive. But once you start seeing yourself with a dose of compassion and curiosity, you?re on your way off that diet?overeat cycle for good.

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