I help business owners who have reached the level of success where business is happening TO them. I help them stop overworking and stay in growth – for themselves, their team, their clients and their lives.

Words matter, I’m finding out.? I just hopped off my coach call with my coach.??

This happened to be after attending a powerful workshop around our use of words.? I love taking time to craft the right title for things but when I think too long and hard on it, sometimes it ruins the process.? Then again, there are those times that because everybody else uses a term for something, you just don?t think about it.?

I am creating a retreat for my clients next month, but it really isn?t a retreat. I used this word as if everybody would understand what I was planning.? And it really is out of alignment of what I am creating on that day for them. ? So, after discussing it with my coach and answering her questions of what I really am up to that day?..new word?…accelerator.??

And my clients are learning to retreat and restore in all kinds of ways during their week and over the weekend.? But the work that I do, during a workshop day is much more about creating growth, clarity, and motivation for the days ahead.? Even I feel differently using the word accelerator. And that?s important.??

What words are you using in your business?? In your life? Around your work?? About yourself?

Every word matters, because our language is how we process the world.? When we are careful about how we speak and think, we create different outcomes. It can be that simple.

Think of the 3 outcomes you love creating for your clients, for your customers, or for your company.??

Write them down.

How do you literally feel about doing that work???

Do you need to make some shifts?

We can be expert advisors and begin to speak in OUR language.? Can you describe your work in ways that your clients will not only understand but be excited about what you?re doing for them??

Play around with this, making these shifts, just in this one title, got me fired up about what I?m creating next.??

What are ways that you can talk about what you do that really light you up?? It matters.

Have a great weekend!!!

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