Hello Friends!

What a gorgeous month it has been. I’ve spent more time in the mountains, plunked between some densely packed work weeks. I’m learning that full days of time off are creating a bigger working capacity when I’m back at work. Nice!

What is Your Work Rhythm?

“Your mind is a suggestion engine. Every thought you have is a suggestion, not an order. Sometimes your mind suggests that you are tired, that you should give up, or that you should take an easier path.  But if you pause, you can discover new suggestions. For example, that you will feel good once the work is done or that you have the ability to finish things even when you don’t feel like it.  Your thoughts are not orders. Merely suggestions. You have the power to choose which option to follow.” — James Clear

Thank you, James Clear . . . I need this reminder often.

We lead our businesses with our thoughts, choose them carefully.

Podcast Line Up:

I’m in the middle of a powerful series: Regret Proof. It will be 6 episodes strong. I LOVE a good process, and what I’ve done here is give YOU a method of laying down a step by step process to regret proof your growth, your exit or your life.

Get started here:  Regret Proof: (Step One) Dial Down Stress & Worry.​

After the close of this podcast series, I will be taking a short break on the podcast to create a video series to go deeper and add more tools and insight to the podcast series. Grab your favorite title during the season break, one of the most popular episodes has been: Courage is Required.​

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Why Hire a Coach:

Navigating your business, no small feat. Living a life you love, always available.

Our mind defaults to worry and stress. Good news, we can learn to be brilliant mind managers.

I help my clients to see patterns they can’t see simply because when we’re in our lives, we can’t see them. As we work together, they develop a keen tool of awareness and self coaching skills. They start to see new options, new ways of thinking about their lives. New thinking, new and desired results.

The most important tool in your business (and life) is your mind. Let’s leverage it for your wellbeing and create the future you’ve always wanted to see. Start learning to think on purpose.

My clients’ businesses are thriving, and now so are they: less stress, more time off, better team leading, better relationships, less worry.

Want in? I have 3 spots open. Just click here for a conversation.

I’m looking forward to a powerful close to 2021.  If you are too, let’s work together to get that done!