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Have you been ignoring your closet?

Do you hate going in there and trying to find the right outfit for the day?

Are you waiting to buy clothes or to even wear something nice that you own until you?ve ?lost the weight??

Been there done that. I?ll never forget the day I realized I had only 2 pairs of pants and 1 suit to wear. My closet was full but most of my clothes did not fit me. This situation was shocking and I was so embarrassed.


But then there was this amazing experience on an anniversary weekend. My husband took me shopping as a treat. I resisted, I usually celebrated weight loss with a shopping trip. What? Shop while I?m at the heaviest I have been? We found a store that worked well for me (thank goodness for LOFT) and thank goodness he didn?t let me shrink into my despair.

I believe this was the beginning for me of getting real about my weight and health. But when I expected to feel shame in the dressing room, my loving husband wouldn?t hear of it. Even though I wasn?t the ?shape? I wanted to be, I felt pretty and knew I was no longer embarrassed about what I had available to wear.

You know what I?m going to ask of you. It?s time, time to love on and take of yourself in a way that is integral to our human experience.

This is your challenge. Go through your closet. Tackle one section at a time.

These are the rules:

1) Try on and take a close look at every item.

  • How do you feel when you wear it, look at it?
  • Anything less than joy or confidence? It GOES!!!!!

2) Decide:

  • Donate
  • Trash it
  • Save it for later (in another location)

3) Create a closet where you know where your items are organized and where getting dressed is an easy and pleasant experience.

4) Go shopping. Fill the gaps in your wardrobe, including exercise gear.

Do you see that my transformation began with the opposite of what we all think? We ?think? that being hard on ourselves, pushing our selves into the next diet, the next exercise plan will help us to lose the weight. I?m a testament that the opposite is true.

Go try some kindness on yourself and let me know how it goes. Email me photos, before and after, any insights you receive. I?d love to hear from you.

Are you resisting this exercise? Feels too hard to get past the ick? Hop on the phone and we can talk it through and help you to get a move on in this area of your life.

No obligation mini session right here!

Until next week,

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