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15 items on your to do list on Monday DOESN?T work!!

I love bacon!!! and avocado’s and kale…..

Missing running moved me to spin classes?so thankful & my back REALLY appreciates it!!

How I handle my money is going to teach me that annoying lesson of how you do one thing is how you do everything lesson this year?..

I really do like to cook, just need to make time for it by deciding to do it!!!!!

I don?t have to work all the time to succeed in my business.

In fact, I know in the marrow of my bones if I play more and rest more this year that it?s going to bring amazing results in every part of my life.

That being present is a decision and takes practice.

That my body is amazing and rebounds when I treat it badly, pretty darn fast. Planning on less abuse this year…

That honoring my body?s desire for amazing fuel, rest and movement has moved from a Should conversation to a much more intuitive one.? Woah??.that?s cool

That I have made things harder than I have needed to for a very long time.

That prayers DO get answered, the small ones and the big, scary important ones.? Watch for it?.

That I love the process of choosing a word of the year and can?t wait to discover what 2017?s is. Stay Tuned AND what is yours?

That we are all amazing humans and if you?re not feeling that way, doing the work of learning how amazing you are is WORTH IT!!

Thank you? 2016 can?t wait for 2017!!!


P.S. Stay tuned for exciting and simple plans in my business in the New Year!!!!

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