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I?ll never forget the first time I discussed the subject of Hunger as it related to weight loss. I was about 2 months into my weight loss journey at Weight Watchers and realized I had NEVER looked at food as it related to being hungry. Yup, does it surprise you then that I had been confused about food most of my life? And had an issue with yo-yo dieting? BUT that is NOT my point.

Ok, back to hunger and responding to hunger signals. I remember actually trying it out, WAITING until I was hungry to eat my next meal. Eating on WW points at the time, it didn?t take too long to begin to recognize clear hunger signals. But what was more interesting – I was learning that I could WAIT. What? It was beginning to be worth it to WAIT for what I really wanted, in this case fresher healthier at home options.

And it shouldn?t be surprising that this weight loss journey came at a time in my life that I was learning what I truly hungered for….in my life!

Getting back to how this relates to ALL of us, NOT just those that are working on permanent weight loss. Ignoring hunger can be an interesting indication of how we might be putting off what we want in life. ?As humans we can use food to quickly satisfy a need to feel joy, while ignoring ways we can experience that in our relationships and careers. In the same way, we ignore hunger signals and keep putting off the things we really want in our life.

Too deep? I don’t think so…..It’s a beautiful thing to see how we treat our body is a reflection of how we are showing up in our lives and on our own behalf. How?we do one thing in our lives, especially as important as fueling our body well, is a reflection of how we do most things.

Here are some great questions to be asking:

  • What are you hungering for?
  • Do you find yourself looking to food because you?re really hungering for something else?
  • What are you putting off?
  • What are you waiting for?
  • Do you put off your desire for something more by always focusing on the urgent?

Start here to look at this in your own life. ?Honor your hunger signals for fuel by only eating when you?re hungry and stopping when you?re full. And for some of you, you?ll need to stop and check in because you wait too long and don?t honor those early signals.

What thought’s come up for you when you eat in this way. ?How are you feeling when you eat closer to your true appetite? ?For most they experience more mental clarity and energy. ?Who doesn’t want that?

All I know is this, when I began to put food where it belonged and use it mostly as fuel, my life dramatically changed for the better.

What do you want? NO really…

Comment below and let me know what you think!

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