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Weight Loss Coaching

What if losing weight for good was about slowing down, trusting your body’s signals and reducing stress in your life?

No seriously, what if everything that we learned from all of those diets was dead wrong?

Are you frustrated, overwhelmed and stressed with all that you have to do in life much less start another weight loss plan or diet?

I get it.

If you’re anything like me, you have been trying to lose weight and keep it off for a while now.

You’re smart, hard working and just don’t understand why you are failing when it comes to losing weight AND keeping it off.

That’s why I designed this Power Mini Session. In a 20 minute session we can get to the bottom of your biggest problem with weight loss. I’ll give you some tips to help you get moving forward now.

Click that beautiful button below and sign up for a Power Mini Session time that’s perfect for you. I look forward to helping you get started.

Don’t give up, I’ve got the tools and insight you need to turn your diet struggle into ease, confidence and an ability to trust yourself around food again.

Want a new dash of hope that you can lose weight for good?

The best place is to start right here.

What to expect from the free Power Mini Session:

  • 20 Minute Complimentary Coaching Session
  • Get clarity on one particular issue for you
  • Stop feeling like a failure
  • Get some tips to start right now
  • Get a taste of coaching and receive an individualized plan for you

“My goal to lose weight was what brought me to Diana initially, but she turned out to improve my life in many ways over and above simple weight loss.”  Janet–Indiana

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