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Last week, I was really focused on the use of words.

It got my attention during a call with a client last week, she realized she had to make a shift in how she was thinking about her current work situation.? Beforehand, it had really motivated her to think of herself as a trooper. A trooper meaning a good soldier, helping out and doing what is asked and working hard.? WELL, that is not working for her anymore.? She is stepping into her own as a leader and really owning her expertise where she is right now and the word Trooper didn?t feel right.

You know what did feel right?? Warrior. (yup, that feels more powerful now,? doesn’t it?)? Now working in an organization as a leader is nothing like being in a war, except it is sometimes, right.? The war against fear and all those tricky thoughts that come up when we?re strongly moving forward.

What she loved about her warrior definition is that a warrior was wise, calm, courageous, made decisions that were good for the whole but not always liked by all.? She and I just loved how the term Warrior felt rolling off both of our tongues, reflecting on the true value of a warrior in a group of people.? It felt right.? THINKING of herself in that way is going to create something new in her role, can?t you see it? So good.?

How do you feel about the way you are speaking about yourself?? Truly.??

What are some terms that you use to describe yourself?? Note ones that you THINK you should use, what are some that just fire you up?? What are some ways that you think about doing your business, showing up in your career that make it so much easier to wake up and get to work each day?????

When we start with being honest about the story or the way we are speaking about our present circumstances, it clears the way for us to be dreaming about what we?d like to create going forward.

How would you describe yourself, your business, your career if you had hit all of your goals in 2020, despite CoVid and all of the circumstances around it?

THAT?S how you speak to yourself now to create the year of your dreams.



If you?re sick of overworking, hustling and spending every minute in your business and can?t see a way towards growth this year? That?s the time to think about hiring me as your coach. The mindset that brought us to THIS point in our businesses, it is NOT the same one that will take you to the next level.? I?d love to get you there, click here to discuss.??


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