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Good Morning,

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are enjoying your week.

On Thanksgiving morning, ?my son quickly reminded me that my old ?diet mentality? was raising its ugly head.? As I watched all the amazing preparations for an amazing meal today I started to get a little nervous.? Worrying that my Soul Cycle class might not have been enough to stave off the extra calorie consumption today.? ?Mom, it?s Thanksgiving!!!?? I took a deep breath and remembered everything I have learned and knew that I had everything I needed and know deep down that a big overeat isn?t just in me anymore.

I had a ?moment?, but I know in the marrow of my bones that I?ll never be out of control with food again. Its becoming brilliantly clear for the reason for this peace with food: No judgment around food..

So, if you happened to overeat this past holiday week, even to a point that you are tempted to call horrible??SO WHAT!!? Really, so what!

It is just food, just one day, one weekend.? You?re an amazing person and NOT defined by your weight on a scale or your eating behavior.? It?s time to stop this nonsense and turn that judgment to compassion and see what you can learn.

If you’ve been overeating for a while like I had, you might just need more than a So What attitude to heal your relationship with food.

Start here and?Lean into 2 tools:

  1. ?Hunger Scale:? Am I Hungry?? Am I Full?
  1. Fuel:? Is this my fuel?? Do I feel good energy when I eat this food?? Play around with food here.

Email me if you?d like the full worksheet for either of these tools.

And next time you overeat, so what!!!? Take a deep breath and wait until you?re hungry again.? You?ve got this!!!

Thankful for you,


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