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It got my attention? a client was setting some intentions during a recent coaching call. She said, ?I wonder what it would look like to love my body unconditionally, all the time.? I found myself wondering the same thing, right in that very moment. It gave me pause.

I think our bod?s deserve a little respect. I know for me I see my body as something that reacts to me, not necessarily something to be taken care of. I know I?ve certainly been kinder to it; I?ve started a beautiful relationship with it in the past couple of years but do I love it unconditionally? Good question?
love yourself unconditionally
What WOULD that look like in our lives if we gave our bodies a little respect, and didn?t EXPECT so much from it, but learned how to take amazing care of it? This is the vessel we are going to do life in, why are we even having this conversation?

This is what has come to my attention:

  • When I notice I?ve gained a little weight, instead of going hard at the gym to beat off the extra weight I could look at what might have caused that weight shift. Where am I overeating?
  • When clothes don?t fit right, not blame my thighs or some body part but oh, admit that the clothes aren?t right, not my body.
  • When I feel a little bloated after enjoying a week of wine o?clock moments most evenings, admit that alcohol might not be serving me well. Oh, it isn?t a fuel food? (SMILE)
  • When I?m experiencing sciatica pain, think about what triggers it and take a gentler approach.
  • When I?m really sore from two intense days of workouts, take a rest day or a good yoga class.

What is it for you? What came to mind as you read this?

You might be asking yourself, how do we make a shift? Ask the right questions when you make food, exercise and rest decisions.

  • What feels most like love?
  • What is a way we could deeply respect the body we?re in?

If you’d like to learn more about respecting and loving your body unconditionally, the BARE Method Coaching Program might be just for you. I have opened up 3 spots that can start in 2 weeks. Details right here.

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