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When you describe how your day is going or share an update with someone, how do you describe it???

It might seem innocent.

But there are just some thoughts that are not helpful and none of us realize it.

I learned this over the summer.? I tried not to believe the thoughts my brain was offering over the summer.? But they had an effect?…

  • Summer is slow
  • Everybody is out of town
  • She?s too busy to want to chat.
  • I don?t have new business.
  • I have # of clients.
  • I had $x revenue.

Some of these statements might be a fact.? But what is really fascinating is this.

When I believed the thought that business was slow in the summer, I took less action.

When I believe ahead of time that someone is too busy to get together, I don?t ask.

When I say, ?I don?t have new business? when I have goals to double my business,? I create disappointment. That does not inspire me AT ALL. I actually found myself moping. Not pretty. Not productive.

Do you see what I?m getting at?? This is the fine tuned art of mindset. ?Truly getting curious about the way we are speaking about our life, and checking in to see if it is supporting us or not.

Let?s just talk about relationships for a bit.? In the past year, I noticed I was overworking a bit.? I love my coaching practice so this isn?t a problem but it always was an excuse or ?reason? that I was not seeing my friends on the regular.? I made a decision early last year to invest in my friendships more.?

Over the summer, I kept saying oh ?she is too busy to do that? and as a result I wouldn?t even reach out and ask.? I was literally creating disappointment ahead of time.??

Are you speaking in a way that unless you question it a bit, that creates negative emotion.

Just see if your statements are more than just ?reporting the news.’

Your brain is a powerful tool.?

Make sure it is actively believing what serves you. Choose truly neutral thoughts or inspirational ones and be onto the cruddy ones.

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