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Overeat at the holidays

Try these tips to shift the overeat season we’re about to enter.

Comment below and let me know what works and what doesn’t.

Go Slow, Breathe

Take in the amazing food that is offered, look for what you REALLY want to eat. Savor every bite, enjoy what has been prepared.

Drop the Judgment

If you choose to eat more than your body needs there is only one rule: you’re not allowed to beat yourself up about it!

[Hint: it may prevent a weekend of overeating!]


Wait until you’re hungry to eat again. If it is a little while, no worries, just wait until your body says go.


Join the football game, go on a walk, play with the kids, take a bike ride, walk the dog. It will do your body good.

If you need more tips, here is last week’s post: Holiday Overwhelm.

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