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What does play have to do with us as owners and our business?

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • Stop taking yourself so seriously and give it a rest for a minute.
  • Where can you start to add some play?
  • Plan it like recess.

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What does Play have to do with us as owners and our business?

Do you remember recess?

I miss recess and maybe so do you……

I’m inviting you to consider that THE best business plan for you this week, month or year might be to create recess for yourself.

Bottom line I think all of us do a GREAT job being serious about our businesses.  

Enough, I see you there, possibly burning out on all the hard work you’re doing.  

We are thinking about our businesses way too much.

First you could just trust me, stop this podcast right now and plunk in some recess times in your calendar.  I actually dare you!!!  Do it, it’s so great.

But if you need a little bit more understanding about why I’m coming to you with this concept, let me remind you. 

If you’re a business owner, you learned how to work hard.  

But have you learned to recess and play?  (And I’m not talking about work hard and play hard) 

I’m actually talking about recessing as a rhythm in your business. 

To integrate this concept you’ll have to:

Stop taking yourself so seriously and give it a rest for a minute.  Especially if you tend to worry a bit. 

Trust all that you have built and put into place remembering that your business doesn’t need YOU every single minute.

Remember that you didn’t open your own business to resent it or be worn out all of the time.  You might be needing a little recess! A little bit of play. 

Why do we resist?

the spontaneous activity of children


: to move aimlessly about : TRIFLE


: to toy or fiddle around with something

: to deal or behave frivolously or mockingly : JEST

: to deal in a light, speculative, or sportive manner

How could it serve you to: Our brains, bodies and mammal ness of us needs to switch it up, refresh and restore.  It needs a little time off 

NOT THIS SUMMER FOR A VACATION but in the middle of your powerflyy and fully planned day

It’s not frivolous 

There’s something powerful to it.  

It restores

It helps the creative side WORK

It resets our energy

It is fulfilling

Laughter is GOOD FOR US

Plan it like recess?

A planned time to play in the middle of the day.

Goal was to do whatever we wanted for a deliberate and set amount of time.

There weren’t many rules.

Spontaneous, no leader per se.

Mid day work outs.

A block of time you literally do whatever you want for that amount of time (

Time with that virtual at home family

Lunch dates, walking dates

Let’s all create a new Play list

Write each of your answers on a separate piece of paper.  

Plan Recess and pull one f these if you need an idea.

Many times you’ll KNOW when you hit that time.  

Ask the questions, 

Call a friend

Read a book


Watch something stupid on TV

Eat lunch outside



I’m serious about play…….


And I’ve leaned into a more playful energy in my business.  

It has been intrinsically motivating.  Calming and SO helpful.  THAT is why I brought you this podcast.

Where can you start to add some play?  Why? No reason, just because you’re amazing and worth spending some time with your self and your loved ones doing whatever the heck  you want to do?  

I hope you had some fun with this episode today.  

If you’re at a point where you are ready to have YOUR coach and implement all of this beautiful and powerful mindset in real time into your life.  I cannot wait to speak with you. 

If you know someone would love some support, please share my podcast with them.  I can’t wait to welcome them as a listener.

And my friend and listening, thanks for being here

And remember you’re doing a really great job.

Enjoy the show??

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