I help business owners who have reached the level of success where business is happening TO them. I help them stop overworking and stay in growth – for themselves, their team, their clients and their lives.

During my journey as a mindset coach, I know I loved the thought work I did with The Thought Model early on, because I?felt better?when I:

1. Understood WHY I was feeling so awful and had identified a crappy thought and?

2. Processed the emotions I was having so I stopped feeling stuck in worry, or guilt or whatever negative thought was creating inaction.

I thought mindset work was to feel better.?Oh it is, but shifting your mindset is so much more, it is literally guiding your mind to?catch up and show up in a way that is focused on your future.?Mindset work, creates results, FOR SURE.?

In this past couple of weeks, I have had the humble honor of watching my 1:1 clients and the Zone of Genius MasterMind clients see measurable results.?

This is what my clients are up to:

  • Creating relationships & opportunities to speak by getting on the phone as planned
  • Picking up a program that was ?sitting on the shelf? and creating more with it
  • 4 Potential Client Appointments despite the economic climate
  • Signed a new client in a very new business
  • Closed 2 out of 2 consults (100% close rate)
  • Stepping into their expertise and handling new business coming their way
  • Giving Webinars in new spaces
  • Signing up and serving more people on the webinars
  • Closing new business during a pandemic

Mindset is so much like tending a garden, tend it well:

  1. Pull the weeds (get rid of the crappy thoughts)
  2. Plant seeds (shift to better thinking)
  3. Tend to the healthy plants with fertilizer (spend time thinking great thoughts on purpose)
  4. Yield your harvest (see true results in your business)
  5. Handle the hailstorms (dig back in when things go awry)


What is one thought you can let go of today that is slowing you down?

What is one way you could think about your future that inspires to take action??

When you feel stuck ask?…what is another way to think about this??

Questions point our mind in a new direction, a new thought.?

Turn your mind to what you want to see in the next 90 days, be intentional and WATCH what happens.?


p.s. ?Our greatest personal power is the ability to take over our impulses and direct our minds to choices and commitments that will serve us.? Brendon Burchard

p.s.s. Is it time to start seeing true results in your business, without losing your mind and having to work all of the time? This work starts with clearing and calming your mind so you can get into a rhythm of creating the business you?ve always dreamed of.?CLICK HERE?to learn more about how personal coaching can get you there.?

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