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A podcast for leaders who are learning that life doesn’t have to be so hard. 

Listen in on candid, supportive, and future-focused conversations. Conversations are rocket fuel because they ignite ideas and create a safe space for stories that support others. Join Diana, a life and mindset coach, as she shares the table with colleagues who are innovating while serving their communities.

Grab your coffee and lean into a new, vibrant way of living and leading as a business owner. Whether a solo episode or an interview, you’ll walk away with supportive insight and tools you can plug into your life now.

Listen to these popular episodes first:

73. How I’m Honoring What I’m Compelled To Create — Getting Coached Live by Caryn Gillen
All great coaches have coaches. Listen to me getting coached by one of my favorite coaches, Caryn Gillen. You’ll appreciate her intuitive questions — and probably uncover some opportunities for growth of your own.

71. How Overidentifying as a Business Owner Got in My Way of Living a Great Life 
Uncover the coaching tools that led to massive transformations for me this year. By getting personal, I hope to encourage you to lead in the spaces where your life or your business feels hard and overwhelming.    

52. ​​3 Keys to a GREAT Life and Even Better Results 
REST, JOY, and VISION — who knew these could become your superpowers? Make the most of your time off to show you what day-to-day changes will boost your results.