Welcome to the Regret Proof Your Business Podcast

 Your mindset is THE most important tool in your business. Dig in here to start making the shifts you need right now to have the success and life you want!

Ep #19: Better Than Mantras!

You and I can believe whatever we want. There are no thought police, no rules about what you can believe. Don’t be realistic, it’s not helpful. This is where the fun begins in thought management.

Ep #18: Employee or Owner Mindset

What you believe really matters especially around your own identity and self concept. So today I’m jumping into: Are you in Employee or Owner mindset?

Ep #16: Goals: Your WHY is All That Matters

Goal setting is a mindset process: when we stay in an active goal setting process we are so much more likely to hit our goals. Especially the ones that are a reach for us.

Ep #15: Courage is Required

Take a deep breath for this one, this is the podcast where I remind you (and myself) ‘discomfort is the path to growth and your dreams’