I help business owners who have reached the level of success where business is happening TO them. I help them stop overworking and stay in growth – for themselves, their team, their clients and their lives.

I have been enjoying digging into Intentional thought models with my clients and I’m hearing a theme. 

Many of my clients just want to feel calm and grounded

They know it is a powerful space.  

But you might have to fight for it (they are) . . . and be more intentional around it. 

Let me explain.

Unintentional stressful thoughts come easy.  Our brain lands here as a default. (I know this is annoying). 

 Leaning into thinking on purpose when a lot is coming at you is a practice.  (Think yoga: some days it’s a child’s pose, others it’s a headstand).

Start now . . . 

What would you have to believe (think on purpose) to feel calm and grounded in your circumstances right now?

Play around with the options . . .

 • I can trust that my business is working even when I am resting.

• I can trust my decisions.

• I’m good at this.

• I know what I want to do

• I can lead well with my team.

If you made more decisions and spent more time in a grounded, calm space, what would be the pay off?  

Really, would this practice of thinking on purpose be worth it?

When you spend more time grounded in a calm space, these are some of the benefits I see:

  • You are more productive.
  • You are more insightful of your team’s/partner’s needs.
  • You know what to do next.
  • Financial Growth
  • Enjoying your work again
  • You have the ability to relax when you’re off.
  • You feel inspired and come up with great ideas.
  • When bad news hits, you respond calmly and with more resilience.

I see a very busy summer coming, I’m taking a deep breath and carving out time off.I hope you are too.  The economy is roaring back in many sectors, feeling calm and grounded will be important for all of us!




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