I help business owners who have reached the level of success where business is happening TO them. I help them stop overworking and stay in growth – for themselves, their team, their clients and their lives.

There are so many beautiful things done solo. Too many to name but my brain jumps to the arts, both visual and performance. I?m thankful everyday that these artists?are brave enough to embark on a solo mission to bring us their masterpieces. Aren?t you?

But solo does not really mean alone. This definition got my attention.

Alone: Being apart from others. Without others, without help.

On the flip side, I see every day that collaboration is a beautiful gift that brings great beauty, productivity, creativity, wisdom, joy and insight.

And what quickly occurs to me, soloists don?t really do it alone, they collaborate to prepare them for going solo! They?ve worked with teachers from the moment they picked up their instrument or paintbrush. They have learned everything they could about the techniques and materials in order to master their art.

Have you robbed yourself of the opportunity that collaboration brings in this area of life that I discuss often, weight loss? I know for me the success began, the growth began, the wisdom came from learning from someone who was walking ahead of me in this journey. It came from a time in my life that I was willing to accept that my current tool set and current?mindset wasn?t enough. It came from personal insight that came from collaborative work with another.

Are you so overwhelmed, frustrated and afraid of failing again that you aren?t providing yourself with the right tools and support? Have you found yourself isolated because you?re thinking that something might be wrong with you that you can?t get this weight off? ? THAT?S the danger of going solo, we begin to feel we are supposed to go it alone, that it?s weak to get help.

What is ONE thing that makes you feel alone in this weight loss struggle? ?I bet I can relate and offer some insight that can support you today.

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Let’s turn your desire to ‘go solo’ (aka becoming a master) on this weight loss journey?into a beautiful?and successful work of art.

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