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Did you ever think that it might take a little courage to REST??.

There are a lot of things in our lives that require a little courage:? having a difficult conversation, speaking in front of a group, going to a social/networking event full of strangers.? But NEVER did I ever think I had to be brave to rest.? Well, it turns out it?s true.

If you?re anything like me, it?s a little hard to sit still. ?I put a big value on getting a lot done. It works for me. I take a lot of action in my business and love to get things done and keep moving.? I?m wired that way. Nothing wrong with that, except I cannot run on empty, can you?

This year I had been planning a beautiful cruise with my mom.? I love her, she takes me cruising every other year or so and it?s so awesome to hang with her.? Little did I know just how much I would need this cruise.? It was a great chance to rest and get rejuvenated after a very busy winter.

Turns out, I?m really good at the plan ahead type of rest vs the daily routine rest (like in this sketch).

Anonymous Artist Sketch from the deck of the Riviera February, 2017


Now that sketch above is a picture of true resting.? But I struggle with day to day rest, do you? My brain doesn?t stop easily at night and I love quiet early mornings so this results in very short nights.? NOT SO GOOD FOR ME IT TURNS OUT!!!

What if the quality and amount of rest is one of the reasons we are struggling with our weight (and life!!!)? ?When we are sleep deprived our body needs energy from somewhere so it will ask for more food. My own experience and what I hear in client conversations is we reach for quick starchy or sugary foods when we feel this way.

What if Rest was Fuel for our lives, not just a necessary evil?

Aaaaaah, here comes the courage part. For me, I think I have been afraid to ?not work hard all the time?.? What is it for you? ?What makes you lose the courage to rest? Let this subject roll around for you and?COMMENT below to let me know what you think.

A Little More on Rest

11 Surprising Health Benefits of Sleep
  1. Improve memory
  2. Live longer
  3. Curb inflammation
  4. Spur Creativity
  5. Be a winner (athletics)
  6. Improve your grades
  7. Sharpen Attention
  8. Healthy weight maintenance
  9. Lower stress
  10. Avoid accidents (car)
  11. Steer clear of depression

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