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I got a powerful reminder this week of something REALLY important. If I want to feel better, I have to take responsibility for my thinking. To feel better, you must think better. We?re human and the more we manage our thinking, the better our results are.

Our brain runs on default.

It tends to go to the negative very naturally.

It feels like those thoughts and feelings are true.

But THEY ARE JUST THOUGHTS, they are innocent.

They are a sentence in our mind.

Thoughts create a feeling, a sensation in our body.

***When we choose thoughts that create a negative emotion in our body, our brain just looks for more evidence of why we’re feeling that way.

I.e. When you?re feeling sad about one circumstance (the power being out and no coffee, no internet, cancelled meetings, etc.) Your brain loves to bring to your mind ALL the reasons that you might be sad. It can feel like an onslaught!

To feel better, you must think better.

You can interrupt this onslaught.

What to do when you?re stuck in frustration, anger, angst or sadness?

  1. Remember that you are thinking a thought (just a thought) that creates that feeling.
  2. You can choose to think differently. IN THIS MOMENT
  3. Interrupt this moment with a good question, an open ended one.
    1. What is another way to think about this right now?
    2. What IS going right?
    3. Yes this situation stinks but am I able to handle it?
  4. Lean into the thought that answered one of these questions.

Our human experience is full of a mix of emotions. Because we have a lot of different thoughts running around in our mind.

If you can accept the good with the bad, you can move out of the negative ones more quickly. Try it!!!

There is a LOT RIGHT NOW!! A lot of circumstances that are giving us all sorts of opportunities to think a LOT of stressful thoughts right now.

Dialing down our stress is important for 2 reasons.

1. The experience of continual stress on our body has a real and negative effect.

2. Stress robs you of the natural joy we were all meant to experience in life and in your business.

Remember, you are doing a great job!?

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