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How to calm down and get clear in the midst of a lot of bad news.

Ok, it?s Friday afternoon writing this and I?m feeling ALL of the feelings right now. I bet you are, too.

Now, what do we do with this stress and anxiety, how do we calm down when we get triggered by more bad news. (remember news channels are in the business of BAD news so limit your time there).

I want you to remember a few things:

  1. Look right in front of you. When we?re stressed out it?s hard to jump to that being grateful practice that everyone is talking about. Notice where you are right now: I?m sitting at my desk, I have a place to live, my family is ok (annoying, but ok), I have food but I?m worried about toilet paper (OMG), I?m not sick (if you are let us know so we can help and support). Etc. everything is ok.
  2. Focus on what is TRUE right now. Turn your mind to what is true right now. We think that we are guaranteed certainty, routine and all the things we have scheduled on our calendar. But it was never true that we knew what was going to happen tomorrow. Know that your brain is doing its job of warning you of danger, it?s on overdrive so interrupt those warnings when new events happen during the day.?
  3. Use your body to calm yourself down. Breathe!!! This is why yoga & meditation works. Having a hard time concentrating, use this breathing technique to get your nervous system to slow down. It?s an amazing anxiety reducer.?Inhale for 4; Hold for 7; Exhale for 8.
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