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To be honest, I?m getting a little bit rattled by the news.? Watching the Dow tumble this week has not been pleasant. My advisors have been warning us that the market was going to experience a correction, but I don?t know about you. It has me worrying about the future of my business.

And then I remember?that every thought I think and believe is a choice. The brain?s job is to be a warning system and it has done that job, quite well.? Last night my husband and I were even searching for FDA approved masks if needed. Ugh!??

Worry is simply a thought we are thinking NOW about our future.??

And any thought we are thinking and believing in this moment, will have an impact NOW.

The way that our minds work is that every ?worry thought? creates that emotion of fear in the present? moment that we are thinking/worrying about something.??

Fear is an action killer.?

Fear slows us down.

Fear can also cause us to make rash decisions or move too fast as well.

This is the brain doing it?s job being in ?fight or flight? because we are creating fear from our CURRENT thought about something in the future.

Fear is not a growth strategy for your business my friends. ?Learning to manage your worry thinking is THE path to clarity, more confidence, productivity, inspired action.? Fear interferes with all of the actions that are needed to run a profitable and growing business.

HOW do we stop worrying? We really don?t stop, because we have a brain and we?re human.? But worry can be managed.

These are the steps:

Notice your worry statements.? Just pause and be curious about them.

Don?t judge that you are worrying.? Remember, your brain is just doing its job.

Focus on the present.??

Breath slowly and let go of that thought around the future that has no place in your present.

The more you bring yourself back from worry in an intentional practice type way?…the more natural it will become.??

I promise.


Do you need more help managing stress?? Are you worried about how it is affecting your business and life?? I?m here to answer any questions you have.


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