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I mentioned in early January that I have a bad taste in my mouth around New Year?s Resolutions. I hate them. I failed at them for so many years.? I wish somebody had told me how my brain worked way back when. Saying we have a resolution makes us feel better but RARELY creates new action towards a specific goal.??

I am finding a new way and it has been miraculous to say the least.? I?m not sharing this to brag, like I have this all together. NO! I am onto a very new way to look at self-care and intentions and the momentum of this is adding up.? Some habits have taken over a year, some have come a little more quickly.??

I am setting new 30 day mini habits every month. I did a few last year but this year I?m fully committed to a new set of 3 simple habits I?m practicing for the 30 days.?

This concept comes from Atomic Habits by James Clear.? (Disclaimer: I have NOT read the whole book, but love the concepts)

The reason my 30 day small habit challenge is working:

  • It sneaks past the brain?s normal resistance to change.
  • I?ve been fully committed even though the habits I chose didn?t seem like enough.
  • I stayed in curiosity, almost like this was a game.
  • I feel like I?m just having a fun experiment asking the question: ?I wonder what result this will bring????

I?m shocked at the results

  • I am now a person who doesn?t eat flour and sugar. (took me since October to get this down)
  • I am a person who only has a cocktail once a week. (6 months)
  • I am a person who doesn?t drink wine (Long time, 18 months or so)
  • I am a person who is getting better rest. (Many fails this month but shocked at how an extra hour is making all the difference for me)
  • I am a person who takes care of her back & tight muscles, so she can move more. (Full year, I can?t run but my back no longer plagues me in workouts.)??
  • I am a person who is well hydrated. (Always a struggle, adding it back in for March)
  • I am a person who is becoming a better friend and helpful colleague. (Just getting started making people I care about a bigger priority than thinking about my business ALL THE TIME)

?I am seriously the woman of great intentions and never following through with my ideas.? This 30 day simple challenge is changing the power of my self-care, my motivation and general well being. Can you imagine what December 2020 might look like for us if we do this every month? We certainly won’t need to make any New Year?s Resolutions. We?ll just have 3 new habits to start in January.

Are you in??What do you want to do for your 3?

March for Me–For Accountability ? (I realized I was too ambitious in February) Failed a LOT

  • Hydrate 3 x a day?
  • Long Nature Walk Once a Month (I?d love to say weekly but starting small)
  • Bed at 10 (Failed a LOT in February but my physical energy is on fire so going all in)

Commit for 30 days and GO! Join the experiment and let?s GO!!!!!

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