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I remember teaching some fabulous concepts about starting our day with? quiet. We were at a retreat in January and following the concepts of the book The Joy Diet by Martha Beck. I even followed this routine for a few? days. Yep, just a few days.

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The concept is this: Start your day with? nothing, 15 minutes of nothing. Even if you start with 5 minutes, give it a try. I remember how grounded it felt the days I set a timer and truly just let my mind not do anything. Doesn?t mean my mind was quiet, I just let it run at its pace and focus on nothing and anything that came my way. It was freeing and centering, when I did it. My days went better, were more productive, and I could accomplish more, when I did it.

Lately, I?ve been finding myself feeling scattered, overwhelmed and not centered at all. I am craving some quiet. Oh ya?

So I fought for it today. In the middle of the radio blaring the news from Great Britain about their pullout from the EU, I went upstairs, closed the door and set my timer for 15 minutes. It was worth it.

Just 15 minutes, and I felt clearer and revived and you know what, I can?t wait to do it again tomorrow. And I will fight for it.

Really? Isn?t there some other way to make this easier to accomplish? Nope, Just Doing It worked for Nike, I think it might just have to happen that way for me too. We just have to remind ourselves of the reason and the pay off and keep doing it.

Start Now:

  1. Pick a morning routine that you?d like to begin practicing: quiet, yoga, stretching, meditation? anything you?re craving.
  2. Set the specific time in your calendar that you?re going to do this (and the days.) Pick 5 out of 7 days.
  3. Write a list of all the benefits of this routine.
  4. Then Just Do It!!!

You?ll be so glad you did.

Tell me what you chose. I?ll even follow up with you if you?d like some accountability.

Until next time,

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