I help business owners who have reached the level of success where business is happening TO them. I help them stop overworking and stay in growth – for themselves, their team, their clients and their lives.

It takes brave work to slow down. Because our natural reaction when we want more, when we have a lot to do is to Speed Up.

However, slowing down is the best work that we do.

When we slow down to eat?our food processes well, it tastes better, we don?t overeat.

When we slow down and listen?others feel heard. We get insight. SO CRITICAL RIGHT NOW

When we slow down our mind, and take responsibility for what we are thinking and believing ?…we are in a position of strength not weakness. We act with intention instead of reacting to everything. Nothing important has to be fast. We do better work, we serve at a deeper level.

When we slow down and rest, we?re able to be more present with our team and families. Our brain is also smarter and faster.

When we slow down, we begin to realize what we really want.

Whether you have been forced to slow down because of CoVid restrictions or whether you have made that choice?a lot can come up.?

I?m seeing it in myself and my clients. Unprocessed emotion is having its way,?it can create more stress than the original emotions do.?Don?t resist it, it?s not dangerous although it feels frightening. Allowing your emotions is a meta skill. At least it feels that way to me. How about you?

Processed emotion, the type of emotion we name, recognize and let move in our bodies (instead of pushing down) that type of emotion feels less heavy. So good to know.?

I was discussing it with a client this week. So Simple yet so profound: “Processed emotion is less heavy than unprocessed emotion. I knew that intellectually but hadn’t practiced that in real life.” Dawn Martin.?

There is so much information in processing emotion.?This is a meta skill because no one ever taught us.


Slow down

Name the emotion

Describe it a bit

Breathe through it

It will move, I promise

This isn?t woo woo, this isn?t weak. This is integration. Pulling together all of our experiences that happen to us in our bodies and minds and learning to experience them instead of moving on too fast or stuffing them down.?

I hope this helps. I need to keep practicing this. I always will need to practice this because I?d rather run and act like everything is ok.?

There is wisdom in the simple listening. Remember emotions are Just a Vibration in Your Body.


If you would like to dig into creating the life and business of your dreams without the overwhelm, frustration and stress taking you out, I?m your coach. Become that next best you by living how you intend.?Just click here to discuss.

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