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I filled my Falcons mug with coffee on Sunday and was thinking, sigh??.. ?It?s so much better that we?re not playing today.?So much less stress!??

Wait a minute, really??As a fan of many years, as one who goes to games even when the record is 1-7 (I?d like to forget this season BTW).?Is that REALLY want I want today??

Noooo! I?d love to have the stress and drama of being ?in the game? of the play-offs today as a Falcons fan. So if I?m honest I?m not relieved, I?m disappointed.

This got me?thinking, do I do this in my business??Do you? Do you sit back on some of your decisions, actions, and dreams because it will be less stressful? Are you and I opting out of the ?play-offs? ahead of time??

What if while we run these beautiful businesses of ours it?s going to have some stressful even fear triggering moments.?I?m talking about the fear & feeling of stress that comes when you make bold moves, when you trust your instincts and say yes to big opportunities and when you play full out.?You hear me??

What if fear is just going to come along for the ride??What if getting a little worked up, is normal when we are doing new things, and taking risks??The key to growth is learning to allow those experiences and not make them mean that anything is wrong.??

I am on the way to make 2020 my best year ever not only in my business but in my life.?Aren?t you? I want to share what I?ve been learning as an entrepreneur and coach as I grow.?I have tools around mindset that work.?

****I?ve named my newsletter The Memo.?Making a play on words, Did your brain get the memo???So for the challenge today, I let my brain get the memo that fear DIDN?T mean anything was wrong and my brain was clearer and more productive once I realized what was going on.???

I?m not keeping it to myself.?Look what I have for you.

Invest some time in your mindset this year, you?ll love the results.

Looking for fast, lasting results start with investing time in managing your mind.?Just help your brain get The Memo.

Happy and Prosperous New Year FOR SURE.

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