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Check out and see if this works for you. Since many of my clients are looking for a way to lose weight for good, one of the issues we look at together is their stress eating.

Reduce Stress

If you have created a habit or pattern of using food or alcohol to soothe our feelings of stress, one beautiful way you can reduce this trigger or habit is to get to the bottom of it. Reduce the Stress –> Reduce Overeating.

So let?s try it here.

I love this conversation I had in a workshop?

  • What is stressing you out? Commuting to work.
  • Why are you stressed out about commuting to work? I?m worried that being late to work will ruin my day.
  • How does thinking that you?re going to be late make you feel? Anxious, tense.
  • How do you react at work when you feel anxious and tense? I rush into the office and grab whatever is in the break room for breakfast and rush into my day. I feel anxious and tense most of the morning. I hate my commute!
  • What results are you getting at work? I don?t think as clearly and make bad food choices and start the day feeling rushed.

And you won?t believe the answer to the next question?

  • How often have you been late to work? I think I?ve been late to work maybe once or twice this year. Oh???? wow.

Can you see that her thinking the thought, “If I?m late for work its going to ruin my day” was at fault, not actually BEING LATE FOR WORK!!!

We cause ourselves a lot of unnecessary stress and worry thinking in a way that causes stress. Awareness alone can shift your thinking. When you shift your thinking, you shift how you feel. This helps you to create much better results in your work and in your life.

What got your attention today? Use these questions to get to the bottom of your Thinking!

  • What is stressing you out?
  • Why are you stressed out about ________________?
  • How does thinking this way make you feel?
  • How do you react/act when you feel these emotions?
  • What results are you getting in this situation?

Continue the conversation here. Let me help you to reduce stress in your life!!!! It?s simple and just takes a little practice!

Until next week,

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