I help business owners who have reached the level of success where business is happening TO them. I help them stop overworking and stay in growth – for themselves, their team, their clients and their lives.

Today?s post is all about how to show up for your clients right now?when you might be??.frustrated, overworked, distracted and worried about your own business and family during this quarantine.

How do we serve our clients, both current and future, really well when we are worried about our own futures? Pretty challenging right now. But so important for our growth and sustainability of what we have created so far.

One, we must first admit how we are feeling and thinking and take some time with our own perspective and situation.?We cannot be our best for clients if we are giving advice, leading others from a place where we are in our own thoughts.?

The good news is you do NOT have to be free of the stress, the worry thoughts or any of the other emotions you?re feeling right now to be YOUR BEST for your client. Just?awareness helps you separate your issues (really thoughts in your mind) from your clients.

Decide?how you want to show up. I think different intentions work well for different people. Do you want to be calm, proud, centered, insightful. Just choosing a result you?d like to create in your client calls and asking yourself what you?d have to think or ponder on before you engage with them is key.?

Here are some quick ones for you to try. ? I have everything I need.? ?I am looking forward to helping them.? ?I know what they need.? ?They are upset, I can encourage them.? Choose a thought to drop into that confident zone you?ve been using all along.?During this crisis, you just might need to be more intentional than normal before you engage with others.?

There were some great ideas offered at the first Zone of Genius MasterMind class this week:

  • We don?t choose the first thought that comes in our mind but we definitely can choose the next one. Thx Cathy!
  • Another member decided to do thought downloads and THEN do her gratitude practice.She realized the stress thoughts needed some air first.
  • Another learned that she needs to pay attention to her emotions this week, then see what the thoughts are.
  • Another class member realized she had stopped journaling and knows that will be helpful.?

The best part of the class was listening to several people describe their Zone of Genius. This is what they described and how they knew they were in the Zone of Confidence, Courage and Creativity.

They were:

  • Psyched
  • Excited, can?t wait to share ideas
  • Can?t stop working, writing, creating
  • Ideas Flow
  • Time is Irrelevant
  • No blocks
  • Loose
  • Create without limitation
  • Moment is gained in the Zone
  • Expectations that something amazing is about to be created.
  • In Alignment?

I had goosebumps listening to the video of the class again. Something special is happening as we gather to focus on Mindset during this crisis!!! Registration is closed for April?s class but would you like to join us next time??


P.S. There was a concept I shared on certainty in my Roundtable this month, even Brooke Castillo mentioned it and quoted what I shared with that group in her PODCAST. That was fun.?

Just click here to listen! ?Or read the transcript right here.?Her podcasts have been daily starting 2 weeks ago, if you need extra support, she is supporting us well.

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