I help business owners who have reached the level of success where business is happening TO them. I help them stop overworking and stay in growth – for themselves, their team, their clients and their lives.

Yes, shame is a terrible thing to waste and most of all to avoid. Let me show you what I mean.? We take our power back when we investigate vs avoid our emotions, especially ones like shame. AND then we get to decide what we want to feel instead.??

I noticed something that started during my Thanksgiving vacation.? I just couldn?t shake this feeling of dread and litany of should discussions in my brain, almost arguments.? ?You should be working.? ?If you don?t work then it?s all going to fall apart.? ?You can?t take 2 weeks off and run your business!?? {one week off for Thanksgiving; one week off for my husband?s surgery}

In my most logical brain and the one that isn?t so dramatic, I had planned well, I wrote some articles ahead of time for you all, I coached all of my clients on the 2 Mondays that I did work and I will catch up with those that I missed later today.??

My logical brain was not really the one speaking to me, it was that ugly voice of gloom and doom that shows up, sometimes for no reason at all.??

Of all the emotions, the one I resist and then ignore the most is that gut punch?.SHAME.

You?d think I?d know what to do by now. For real, I ask my clients to investigate when this happens all the time.? But I put it off. ?I just kept moving on feeling discouraged, disappointed and distracted and nervous. ? {Oh ya, I?m a coach but I?m also a human!!}

Yesterday, I stopped to look this emotion ?in the eye?.? I was sick of feeling crappy and couldn?t shake it!!!?

And I was reminded again how powerful Curiosity and Compassion are when I?m totally distracted by this emotion.

I stopped to investigate last night and it felt so good.? It felt empowering because when I stopped and gave Shame my attention it showed me??

I?m a little afraid of the new success I?ve been experiencing.

My brain was totally misfiring it?s warning system and told me that everything was going to fall apart.?

I gave myself some space to realize that I was experiencing some anxiety about my husband?s surgery and it showed up here.

Oh I don?t believe any of that crap my brain was offering.? And by just looking at my thoughts, I felt a huge relief.

AND NOW I get to choose.? AND today I choose Joy.?

Joy that my husband?s surgery went so well.

Joy that I have a business I can set aside so I can care for him.

Joy that everything is FOR me, even this shame experience.

Don?t ignore and avoid.??Allow the emotion.?Resistance makes it worse.

There?s insight to be had if you take a peek.

Ignoring allows the thought to have it?s way vs YOU having your way.

I choose Joy but I couldn?t experience it until I admitted I was feeling Shame.

?I?m almost giddy now about what is ahead.? I?m going to have THE best December ever!!!? Are you?

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