I help business owners who have reached the level of success where business is happening TO them. I help them stop overworking and stay in growth – for themselves, their team, their clients and their lives.

I’m a different human without self judgment and you can be, too!

Ok, my husband thinks it is silly that I call people humans vs people but I think I do this because I’m a high achieving perfectionist that needs to constantly remind myself that I am an imperfect but lovely human. 

And so are you and did you need some reminding today?

I noticed something this week.

I rolled with a situation that previously would have put me over the edge.  

I had an appointment to be interviewed for an online  Summit.

I was MEGA zoom ready, outfit, lipstick, clear background, prepped for the questions… I had the wrong day.

I was frustrated, started blaming the coordinator and then…..embarrassed because certainly I could have made the error.  UGH!!!!

OLD ME: Send a terse email, get upset and fume all afternoon.

NEW ME: Hmm well that sucks. It’s a shame to waste a Zoom ready face. .I’ll record a fun tip on LinkedIn.  

Oh and it happened again.  I go to the Zoom link today and it was set for CT, not ET!!  

OLD ME:  Furious, ask to reschedule because I told her 4 pm MY TIME!!!!.  She should have known. This is a mess!!  Etc etc.  

NEW ME:  Hmmm am I crazy? Nope just a time zone error……hey I bet my podcast listeners would LOVE to hear these questions.  I’ll change gears and record THIS for a podcast on Monday! (watch for it, it’s a great episode)

Because I didn’t LOSE IT I created 2 inspiration unplanned posts. Instead of fuming for hours I was in a great mood.  Because I gave myself grace I didn’t lose the rest of the afternoon recovering.  And we did finally get the interview done.  Just humans doing business with other humans.  Mistakes happen. 

I know in this area of reacting to the circumstances of missteps and frustrating mistakes that there is one key thing that I’m not doing any more: beating myself up when something goes awry.    

Do you realize that most often, when you are super upset, frustrated and fuming mad at someone else that in most cases it is because you have allowed that critical task master in your head to get the microphone. 

Where can you give yourself some grace?  Where can you stop judging yourself harshly?  

It is not only a gift to yourself, it serves others as well. 

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