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I?ve noticed something. Like you, I?ve been on a few Zoom calls this past week with my peers. I?ve noticed something. There is a LOT of energy about doing, and pivoting, and gleaning from this wild opportunity that the economic shut down & simultaneous growth of virtual business can give us.?

I have a warning. This is the Wooooosh part of the roller coaster ride of emotions. This lighting a fire under ourselves to leverage this opportunity, to heal the bleeding quickly for our employees, the?pressure to feel like you have to actually do more right now??…THAT is wearing you out just as much as the crash of negative emotion when we feel fear or loss.?

If you didn?t read Friday?s article, I talked about the analogy of the roller coaster ride and how it related to fear and negative emotion. That fall off of the cliff feeling we get on the ride down.?Click here to read Friday’s article.

We are joining a collective energy and I beg of you for your sake and your business, be sure you?re tying all of your activity into what you really want to do. This is also for the sake of your health, we?re ALL feeling better doing more and we can risk burning out by joining and responding to all of the ?shoulds? out there.

Does your activity tie into your 2020 plan??I know that the Covid-19 Quarantine and shut down was NOT a part of our plan. But EVERY business has interruptions, obstacles to their original goals and plans. This is more dramatic FOR SURE, but what if you didn?t need to do anything different but double down on 2 things:

  1. Your belief that your goals for 2020 are still attainable.
  2. Staying grounded, clear and confident as you make decisions now.

I?ve realized that I have a clear invitation from the world to start running and running fast like there won?t be enough tomorrow. Like if I don?t get?Toilet Paper?NOW, there will never be any in the future. Just put?client or contract or business deal?in that sentence instead of Toilet Paper and you will see that you might just be joining a collective ?rush to get the business? vibe.?

Hey, it?s normal. A LOT of messages out there are challenging our confidence and belief that we?re going to be ok. And frankly our revenue streams this year might look a LOT different. But there is something that is equally true. Our 3rd and 4th quarters might look like we never thought was possible??.if we stay in courageous belief and stay grounded, clear and confident.

The How?.

  1. Intentionally focus on how your original 2020 plan was working. Amplify your work there. You may need to amplify your message, take more action in today?s environment but stay in your lane and continue to take action there.
  2. Daily Mindset Management.?
  3. Write down what your first thoughts are
  4. Write down what you?re grateful for
  5. What is your intention for the day (that lines up with your goals)
  6. Start visualizing your 2020 goal (THE $$ amt) and ask your brain what to do next??

Would you like support to stay on track to what you most want in 2020?

  1. Hire me as your 1:1 personal life and mindset coach. There is no better time than now to manage your mindset and vision for your business and for your life. There are more obstacles and challenges than ever. The entrepreneur who stays in line with their values, operates courageously, confidently and clearly will be the one who sees a 2020 that they can be super proud of. Just send me an email at diana@dianamurphycoaching.com to chat about this opportunity.?
  2. I?m running a How to Maintain your Zone of Genius Master(your) Mind class each month.?Click here to get on the wait list for May’s class.
  3. Oops there is a 3rd, read these articles and tap my shoulder with questions ANY TIME AT ALL.?

I have never seen a group of people more resilient, more caring, more on fire than the entrepreneurs and business owners out there.?

Remember how badass and awesome you are RIGHT NOW in this very moment.

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