I help business owners who have reached the level of success where business is happening TO them. I help them stop overworking and stay in growth – for themselves, their team, their clients and their lives.

The alert popped on my phone, I was about to sit down to dinner with my husband and I noticed a group message where a fellow coach of mine was being invited to be interviewed on a podcast. This is someone I care about. I thought it was a screen shot that she was sharing as a ?win-celebration? in our MasterMind group where she had been asked to be on our Master Coach?s podcast.

My first reaction, truly was of disappointment and not being very happy for her.? I thought, ?when is it going to be my turn?? So much FOMO and then embarrassment that I wasn?t happy for my friend.?

My brain was so confused by the message that I didn?t realize, I was looking at a group message that included me!!!!


Yes, it was my turn all along.? I was being invited to be on Brooke Castillo?s podcast on a panel with other coaches that had also hit their 6 figure goal this year.

What is happening right now? My mind could not take it in!!!! I just couldn?t believe it.

THIS IS THE RUB, we work so hard to be confident that literally when we see powerful results that we have created in our lives, our brain needs some time to catch up.

JUST WOW and don?t miss it, there?s more.

Before I could even properly celebrate with my husband, that yes, I was being interviewed on The Life Coach School Podcast!!!!! (I?ll share more later but because this was THE FIRST podcast I ever listened to, this is a BIG DEAL TO ME) ? I already was worried about whether I was good enough to be on there. OMG! Can I just turn off this brain?

Yup, roller coaster.? That?s our brain people.? Our brain is wicked fast, goes to the negative more naturally than positive.??

But I was onto the fact that my brain was offering some thoughts, that really weren?t helpful.? I quickly remembered that I had decided since I hit this goal in November, that I was going to take the celebration of that in like a sponge.? So I did. I stepped back into belief that I was in fact that solo business owner that had created a beautiful, helpful, amazing coaching business and had hit my revenue goal as I did that work.??

This is why I am a mindset coach for the business owner.??

You are working hard, you are achieving your goals but there are a lot of thoughts and beliefs that are created unintended results.? You?re doing nothing wrong, you might just be thinking a bit wrong. And we can change our mind in a flash. We can always shift to thinking that serves us well.?

Let me show you how.

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