I help business owners who have reached the level of success where business is happening TO them. I help them stop overworking and stay in growth – for themselves, their team, their clients and their lives.

This week on the podcast I want to share another client story, this is one that is all about bucking the norm and going for your dreams anyway.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • What are you thinking and believing is possible for next year? NAME IT!!!!
  • What is ONE thought, one belief about yourself that you need to LET GO of this year?
  • What is ONE STEP that you can take today towards this possibility?

Featured on the Show:

This week on the podcast I want to share another client story, this is one that is all about bucking the norm and going for your dreams anyway.  

In most cases, my 1:1 is with established business owners.  But this client who is a coach wanted to invest in growing her coaching practice and what’s happening is she is setting a powerful foundation in our work together and fully stepping into her identity as a business owner.  

This client is a powerful example of someone that uses the tools of mindset with an attitude of powerful curiosity.  She makes this work of digging into her thinking and acting from an intentional place look easy.  I’m sharing her example because in so many ways we LOVE to overcomplicate and she gave witness to how small shifts and paying attention to her thought life made a huge impact.  

Also, who invests the time in building her business dream and serving real clients while she successfully begins a PhD program?  This woman……she isn’t waiting until the time is right, she is creating a capacity in her life to have it all, in the most life giving way possible.  

This client makes it look effortless and I do believe it’s because curiosity and learning are her game.  She hired me because she was just beginning to build her coaching practice.  She had just started to bring in paying clients and had a goal of serving more clients and creating 5 figure months in revenue.  She also set intentions in our work to handle the  shift of entering a challenging academic program.  Yup,  who does this work of creating a business while you’re starting your PhD program.  This woman! 

The world will tell you your dreams are too big.  Culture will tell you it’s hard and you have to work all of the time and have to sacrifice your well being to succeed.  This client was having none of it (one tricky thought at a time that her mind brought to her) and has literally set out and has DONE what she intended to do.  She just created a 5 figure revenue month in her work as a coach and student.

She moved to a new city, she started as a new student in a challenging PhD program.  She learned how to move through doubt and to keep showing up for her clients and sharing her stories and insights on SM.  She kept moving when she couldn’t see that it was going to work.  She shifted her thoughts, she kept investing in belief.  

Then school started, she was concerned about ‘doing it all’.  She learned to plan her time well.  She learned to rest and restore her mind.  She created times to coach clients that didn’t interfere with her school responsibilities and knows that coaching invigorates her.  So creating time for coaching her clients was acting like fuel to do all her work.  

Is this client a unicorn? Well sort of……but in the day to day my friends.  She is a normal student grinding it out and learning SO MUCH.  She is a coach that knows she has something valuable to bring to the world and is stepping into the business owner identity she is creating, she’s a powerful coach because she is applying EVERYTHING she is learning in real time.  

She is living the life of her dreams because:

She didn’t talk herself out of what she wanted

She didn’t believe the thoughts the academic culture believes about stress and time.

She is learning the rhythm that works for her between rest, work and play and being with friends and loved ones. 

She noticed when thoughts weren’t serving her and although it was sometimes uncomfortable to look at them )They feel so true!!)She dug in and stayed curious and compassionate towards herself.  

Oh and the A student that she is, she realized that focusing on perfection wasn’t working and applied a B- mentality and is more productive as she made this shift.

We do not do this work solo my friends because when you’re in the midst of living your life, handling all of the obstacles that come your way, you simply can’t see some of the thoughts that are creating unintended results.  This is why coaching is so powerful.  This is why THIS client invested in coaching her mind. This is why I invest in coaching, it is THE best fuel for my business.

Want to join her in doing the ‘impossible’ by bucking the norm? By truly learning what her capacity was WITHOUT burning yourself out? 

These questions are a great place to start.

  • What are you thinking is possible for next year? NAME IT!!!!
  • What is ONE thought that comes up in your mind that makes you pull back?   LET IT GO?
  • What is ONE STEP you can take today towards this possibility?
  • What routine can you establish that supports this MINDSET of what’s possible?

Your dream life is one or two thoughts away from where you are now, for real. 

What is getting your attention here?  Give your dreams some room to breath and grow, it’s exhilarating and mind boggling at what we’re able to created when we ‘put our mind to it’ by managing our thinking in a regular way.

Enjoy the show??

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