I’ve heard the statistic that over 75% of business owners regret selling their business.

Are you in that 75%? 


The way I look at Regret Proofing is going through an important transition with your eyes wide open. Making decisions from a place where you have fully vetted all of your options. Giving yourself some space to learn what you really want as you make decisions that honor your values. It’s dialing down the stress so that you can navigate your business and the sale from a confident and grounded space.

I have been working with leaders and owners as an executive coach for the past 7 years. As I met more colleagues in the Exit Planning space, I wanted to create a short-term coaching program to support the owner during the sales process. 

In this space, I want to help you realize this:

The most important advisor on your team is you, your mind, and your values.

We start with a free introductory call. You share what’s up for you in your business and the dynamics you are experiencing around the sale. You receive all the information you need from me to decide if you’d like to move forward. This call will help me design your series and clarify what you need. We work together for 2 months, meeting in a rhythm that serves your schedule. This includes 6 personal coaching sessions with Voxer support between coaching sessions . 


We’ll cover:

  • Dialing down the stress that’s inevitable.  You’ll walk away with tools that you can implement immediately.
  • Digging into your values, your desired outcomes for the sale and creating a framework for your decision making process as you navigate the sale.
  • Identifying your vision and what you really want. This gives you the space to talk through your concerns so you can make decisions that honor your goals and vision.
  • Helping you to fully step into your leadership role, helping you to be grounded with all of the twists and turns and pressures that happen during a sale.


As your coach, my only role is to support you, the owner. I am a neutral observer.

This coaching series will give you a chance to process your thoughts about facets and concerns that come up in the day-to-day. It gives you a no-agenda space to talk it through so you are clear when you make decisions.

This coaching series is a short-term series designed to support the business owner who is in any stage of the sale or transfer of their business. Ongoing coaching support after this series is available if desired.

To start the process, click below to get an appointment on my calendar. If you don’t see a time that works best for your schedule, just email me at diana@dianamurphycoaching.com.

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If you need any anything at all, my assistant and I are available through email or phone: diana@dianamurphycoaching.com – 404.860.1876

“Diana Murphy is the real deal.  To say she has “insight” is an understatement.  Her training and experience are obvious.  She is brilliant in pinpointing your exact thoughts that lead you to actions that stop you.

Then, she guides you to your own conclusions.  She IS a mastermind.  My business has tripled since I started working with her in this Mastermind.  And we are only halfway!!”

Mimi Donaldson

International TED Talk Speaker Coach

“Diana Murphy is a fantastic coach! She has the ability to bringwonderful, growth minded individuals together to collaborate and grow with one another. Her creative method of teachingfacilitates introspection and phenomenal growth. I highly?recommend her.”

Cherish De la Cruz

Founding Partner at De la Cruz Law, LLC