I help business owners who have reached the level of success where business is happening TO them. I help them stop overworking and stay in growth – for themselves, their team, their clients and their lives.

Do what makes sense for you and your real life, not what your old stories/beliefs are saying in the back of your mind.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • Taking vacations is the sign of a healthy business AT ANY STAGE.
  • To Create a successful business, to Lead a successful business it’s imperative that you take time off.
  • I only share my story to remind you of yours.  To show you what is possible.  

Featured on the Show:

I can’t think of a better week to bring you this podcast. Be radical with your time off.  Do what makes sense for you and your real life, not what your old stories/beliefs are saying in the back of your mind. 

It is Easter Monday.  I hope you had a wonderful weekend. You might even be on a spring break trip.  

I want to talk to you about something. 

I want to ask you a question.

Do you take enough time off?

When I started my business, I really thought that the more hours I put in the better and more successful my business would be.  I think there was a thought that I would go full steam ahead until my business was successful and THEN I would start taking vacations.  

This doesn’t work, it is not a sustainable model and it forgets that the leader of the business is a human being and that leader is NOT a robot or machine.

What I learned is that taking vacations is the sign of a healthy business AT ANY STAGE. I think it even goes one level deeper than this. To Create a successful business, to Lead a successful business it’s imperative that you take time off. 

Because working through CoVid was really acting as a buffer to all of the emotions I was feeling, I forgot this key concept. I planned a vacation half heartedly last  summer but looking back over this year, I realized that I did a bad job of taking time off.

I forgot to set aside true vacation time. I forgot to plan true getaways by myself to ponder and work on my business. I forgot that every other Friday or so I need a total day off and on others I need to work ON my business not in it.

I had the excuse of CoVid limiting travel but if I’m honest I was back to an old familiar pattern of not fully trusting in my business and remembering to take care of my well-being in an almost luxurious way.  Yes I’m talking about time off in what might be a radical shift for you.  I’m talking about going all in on planning your work days in a way that you take MORE vacation time, in a rhythm that serves you and your family.

For my clients, it starts by looking at how you want to spend your Fridays, for some it is how to truly be OFF and present with your family during a trip (no email, etc) for others it is setting up support in a way that customers are served, things are running smoothly so you can get away for a retreat day, a day at the spa, a trip with friends, a day of golf that has nothing to do with business.  

THIS concept happened TO ME a few years ago.  I was carrying a healthy load of clients, I was making room for more, I was rocking it.  

And then, I was asked to be a bridesmaid for a woman I had mentored during her college years.  Then my daughter in love invited me to join her on a trip to Jackson Hole.  Of course Yes to all of this!!!  And then I realized as the bridesmaids beach trip was planned, as I looked at all of the dates, I was going to be on 3 long weekend trips in June.  

Wait……this was the month I was planning on hitting my BHG. I’m rocking it, I can’t hurt this momentum! 

Oh no, now my business is going to tank.  That was my first thought.  

I learned that momentum had NOTHING to do with my time, it had to do with my belief.  I staying in a ‘momentum-positive belief space’ and managed the OMG it’s going to tank space.  (THIS is the nuance of mindset management)

Because I not only went to both of those wedding trips,Thanks Caroline, it was such an honor being in a wedding at an age that you’re usually just the mother of the groom!!! I had an amazing time in Jackson Hole.  Thanks Jillian,memories for a lifetime. 

What did I learn, what can you learn

  • I can group clients on few days. I can handle 6 calls in a day.
  • I can pack for trips in a very short period of time. 
  • I can leave work for a few days, nothing fell through the cracks.
  • If I trust my business no matter where I am, great things can happen.
  • I had a record month that lovely month of June
  • I literally got a Hell Yes from a client while I was on the top of Jackson Hole ski resort (that’s a cool memory).
  • I signed a client while chatting on the beach with her.
  • I started feeling more vibrant about my business instead of down hearted at every twist and turn.  It felt freeing.
  • Truly believing in my business, after all of the grit and mental shifting I had done before this month had PAID off.

I forgot……and by sharing this story, I’m reminding myself.  AND YOU CAN TOO!!  

When did you have a spectacular month in your business?  What else was going on?  There are clues as to your time off rhythm.  Watch for it. 

This is what is happening now:

I packed so much work and content creation in last week that last Friday looked a lot like a Saturday and instead of feeling guilty and not enjoying it, I rested up and had fun getting things done around the house and doing nothing on my business

I planned THE coolest trip at a GetAway Cabin spot (check them out) No WiFi and just me and the outdoors and a campfire for 3 days.  I’ll be celebrating the 7 year anniversary of my business.  Writing the beginnings of my first book.  

I am so thankful to be vaccinated and my mom and I are taking a dry land cruise (we LOVE cruising together) at a great resort near her home for Mother’s Day.  I’m leaving my laptop at home. (I just decided)

I am going to honor getting my work done in between appointments and free up as many Fridays as I possibly can to pay attention to my husband.  

I only share my story to remind you of yours.  To show you what is possible.  

Some ideas to start with:

  1. Flex Fridays.  Start with one friday off next month.  
  2. No laptop vacations or a non negotiable time each day to check in. 
  3. Staycation type business retreats (I recommend every 90 days)Plan it NOW
  4. Your own DAY off doing something luxurious 
  5. Lunch with friends once a month.
  6. Stop working at 4 one day a week…….

Expect your mind to resist.  Start with a small idea around this, let it develop in a way that serves YOU and your business.  It is so intrinsically life giving, you will naturally do it again.  

You have a lot of responsibility. Yes there is so much to do.  

You did not create this business to get run into the ground. 

It’s radical, be a little rebellious to that beautiful mindset that loves to work hard. Remind yourself how important YOUR well-being is to your business.Expect GREAT RESULTS, watch out, you just might enjoy your business more by giving yourself these gifts!!

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