Radical Wellness for Top Performers KEEP

Can you imagine . . .

  • Knowing what to eat with ease?
  • Having confidence in all challenging situations?
  • Navigating stress in a new, empowered way?
  • Learning to be resilient when fear kicks in?
  • Creating the lifestyle you’ve always wanted?
  • Intentionally LIVING your life, not simply surviving it?
  • Taking beautiful care of your physical and mental wellbeing?
  • AND hitting all of your business and career goals?

So many of us imagine these achievements, but we?re so busy doing life on autopilot that we just haven?t learned how to pull it all together.

That?s where my new program comes in.

Radical Wellness for Top Performers:

Leveraging wellness to get the results you want may just be the tool you need to realize and achieve the goals and intentions you want for your life.

Are you a top performer? Do you love things to be perfect? Do you find that you have a high capacity at work but it may be costing you in terms of your health and your satisfaction outside of your job?

The truth is this: ?You don?t have to choose between a healthy lifestyle and your job. You can ?do? real life while still striving for success at work. ?With the right tools at your fingertips, you can learn to manage, balance, and maintain a life that gives you true satisfaction.

What is Radical Wellness?

Radical Wellness is a personalized coaching program, where you and I will work together with these aims in mind:

  • Learn to eat in a way that empowers your day
  • Slow down enough to regenerate
  • Discover your fuel/energy needs, even on long days or when you travel
  • Learn how to navigate and turn stressful thinking around so that you experience it less often
  • Create an exercise program that fits your personality and your schedule
  • Learn to recognize when fear stops you and how to move through it with insight
  • Create new results for your life with a future-oriented mindset

Investing in your health with Radical Wellness can help you not only hit your wellness goals but open up your life to more?more sales, better relationships, better work results.

How does it work?

My Radical Wellness program has five core action plans for clients:

  1. Learn to slow down in your fast life so that you can think/execute more clearly.
  2. Create margin to react intentionally. You?ll move from a default setting of ?reactive mode? to proactively responding to situations in a deliberate, more empowering way.
  3. Create a confident mindset in challenging circumstances. No matter what comes your way, you?ll learn tools to handle the stress triggers in your life.
  4. Eat and live in a way that increases both your physical and mental energy. This can create a basis for weight loss if desired, as well as take the distraction of what to eat totally out of your mind.
  5. Plan a future that aligns with all of your goals, both personal and career. You?ll become more aware of your critical voice so you can begin listening to your own intuition instead of reacting to the pressure of the ?shoulds? and ?musts? in your brain.

Remember, with personal coaching, this program will ALWAYS be individualized to YOUR particular situation.

Here’s what you get:

?90 days of biweekly coaching sessions (consisting of SEVEN individualized personal coaching calls)

?All access email support
(email me anytime with issues that arise during our 90 days; I can generally answer within 24 hours)

?Optional VIP upgrade
A VIP program is available for clients who want to take Radical Wellness even further! This option gives clients additional sessions to delve deeper into areas that present particular challenges or offer opportunities for significant change. Topics for these extra sessions will be determined based on client needs and interests. Contact me for more information about the advantages VIP packages can offer YOU!

We start the basic series nailing down the one issue that is disrupting your overall wellness. This is identified in the 30-minute Intro Session and completed in your first coaching session with me. Next, we move on to these individual topics:

Session 1: What?s the ONE THING?

Identify the one thing that is disrupting your wellness now.

We start the series nailing down the one issue that is disrupting your overall wellness. When one area of our lives is out of whack (eating, sleeping, moving), it can really disrupt the rest. Set yourself on a single intention (don?t worry; we?ll cover it all) knowing that focusing on this area, for you, will begin to set things in motion.

Session 2: Slow down

Don?t get ahead of your appetite. Learn to eat intuitively. Be present during your day.

Because food is such an integral part of taking care of ourselves, we start there. You?ll learn to eat more to your appetite and lay down this tool early in the program so it can be tweaked as we roll along. AND by slowing down and truly savoring food, even your 15-minute lunch break and 10-minute afternoon snack can become restorative moments in your day.

Session 3: Fuel well

High energy for ALL YOU DO. Find out what foods are FOR you.

We?ll work on what is fuel for you. By asking questions around your reactions to different foods, you?ll get an opportunity to narrow down your Fuel List. We?ll keep tweaking this as the series continues.

Session 4: STRESS: It?s optional.

Learn to adopt healthier thinking and get to the bottom of what is stressing you out.

Learn the Self Coaching Model and how it applies to stress and every situation in your life. We?ll focus on your stress triggers and lay a foundation of being able to recognize stress for what it is: a reaction to a thought in your mind.

Session 5: Movement.

Learn to move in a way that honors your time and life circumstances and energizes you for your day.

This week is very personalized to how you are currently moving your body. For those who are very active, it might be including some new perspectives on recovery. For those who are more sedentary and lacking motivation, it will be a week where we take time to explore plans that are realistic and work for you.

Session 6: FEAR?it happens.

Taking bold steps, doing something new, a new phase in your life. Our brain likes comfortable. Understand fear so you can operate at your potential ALL THE TIME

Fear is a real part of everyone?s life. What?s interesting is it comes up at the most inopportune times. When you?re stepping into a new place in your work, picking up the phone more to grow your business, receiving a new promotion. We can literally get stopped in our tracks. Learn how to allow fear, expect fear, and continue to produce and work with more ease.

Session 7: CREATING the future.

Set goals and create the life you want by asking much better questions

Did you know that very few people set goals because they choose to feel terrible when they don?t hit them? The real truth is if we don?t set goals and honor what we want to do in the future, we?ll never realize them. Learn some great keys in this coaching session to creating the future you want. Start dreaming about some beautiful next steps.

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What my clients have to say

?If you are looking for a coach who is compassionate, honest, caring, has a wonderful sense of humor, and challenges you to become the best version of yourself that you can possibly be, I highly recommend Diana Murphy.? Weight loss is just the beginning.?? Janet-Indiana

?(This experience was) a truly transformational awareness of my body?s communication with me and a return to trusting those communications I had not had since childhood.?(I learned) how much difference a simple shift in thinking/belief can create.? ?(I appreciated) Diana?s kindness and gentleness even when I was unconsciously not giving the same treatment to myself.? ?Stacey-Georgia

?I created an eating plan for myself with a basis of food as fuel instead of a tool to numb out my frustrations and stress.? Instead of being distracted by how my clothes fit, I?m getting myself out there and being the leader I know myself to be. I have become a curious and compassionate observer (instead of) blaming, shaming and spinning in my own drama.? (Diana is) an extraordinary, laser focused, compassionate, and intuitive coach. ?Amy-Wisconsin


Invest in yourself in the coming year to reach your goals and open yourself up to more. ?Radical Wellness can be your ticket to better relationships, improved work results, and a more satisfying life!


I look forward to hearing from you.


Diana Murphy

Exec. Wellness Coach