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I was surprised to have a total flat out argument about attending a race I had signed up for.? I woke up without the alarm on Saturday morning physically very rested, body felt great. ?But in my gut, I just wanted to pull the covers over my head and not run. ?I kept discussing it with myself and couldn’t find any good (taking care of myself) reason to not run. ?I love my races, looked forward to this one (beer at the end :)) for a long time.

What I noticed during this argument with myself was I resisting emotion. ?I was reflecting on a workout earlier in the week where I didn’t feel that great, actually felt sad. ?I was realizing that when I work out I tune in with where I am really at and I just did NOT want to go there.

Well, I won the argument and raced. ?Had a truly great experience and voila all the fear about experiencing sad emotion, not there. ?What I was resisting was not even real at this point. ?It was the idea that I might tap into sad emotions. ?What I was avoiding ended up being PURE JOY!!!

I love how doing this work we eventually catch on to ourselves. ?I truly ‘thought’ it was going to be ugly so I avoided something that actually was a great experience for me.

What do you notice, when you win that argument with yourself to just go through the emotions and see what is on the other side, what is really there?? How does it compare to what you ‘thought’ it was going to be?

Email me?a feeling you chose to feel this week, instead of resisting? ?I’d love to hear what your experience is.



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