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I want to give you an episode to pull my Regret Proof Series all Together. And to give you some insight on what is next in this podcast.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • How to pull together all of the Regret Proof series episodes for the most impactful results.
  • The importance of AWARENESS and how it factors into each step of the Regret Proof series.
  • How to calm your mind so that you can step into your creativity and explore possibility. 

Featured on the Show:

I want to give you an episode to pull my Regret Proof Series all Together. And to give you some insight on what is next in this podcast.

Regret is all about disappointment and events not going as we had hoped.  The reason this subject got my attention is that our brain can land on a story about an event and keep playing it over and over.  We can get stuck in regret. We can be confused why we are not enjoying our business and personal lives, and it can simply be because our mind is not being managed to look forward and to believe more powerfully in what we want in our future. 

And regret feels awful, it keeps us stuck. I believe regret is totally out of alignment with the powerful leader and business owner you are. But, it can be hard to look at and that’s why I loved pulling it apart in a stepwise series. 

If you want to have a regret proof business (and life), you simply need to be more aware of what you’re thinking.  To truly think on purpose, so you can take action on purpose, spend your time on purpose.  Awareness sometimes is the ONLY step you need to take.  

In my Regret Proof Series,  I layed out some foundational steps that are so powerful.  I highly encourage you to start at the beginning.  

These steps are intentional, you might be drawn to some and skip others but don’t skip the first one.  When we are in high stress, fight or flight, or always in reactive mode, we cannot access our wisdom, our expertise and true desires for our business (and life). 

I probably spend the majority of my time helping my clients get to their goals by doing this work.  Calming down the mind so you can see possibility and creative solutions. FOR ANY SITUATION AT HAND.

I also help my clients to recognize self judgment and turn that into compassionate curiosity.  

But there is also nothing more liberating than realizing you get to choose what to believe every single time. That is the crux of mindset, thought work, and using these coaching tools in this podcast to transform your results.

It’s your job, as the leader of your life and your business NOT to ignore the pain, the grief or the mistakes but to process them in a way that serves your future.  This is the work of transformative coaching.  

How do we put this all together?  

Lean in! 

Commit to taking time for yourself with these episodes.  Put a block of 30 minutes on your calendar.

Start at the beginning.  Go slow with each podcast and journal, write and think about each prompt and set of questions offered.  

  1. Identify your biggest stressor.  Use the tool of the model in step one to illuminate your thinking that is creating stress.  Neutralize the way you think about your business or the biggest issue in your business, and you will gain more access to creative solutions that are already there.
  2. Identify and Solidify your decision making process.  When you lean into YOUR style of making decisions, even when there are some very high-stakes ones at hand, trust the way you process, get more logical about it and DECIDE.  When we linger in making a decision, we ZAP our energy. Decide. Act. Evaluate. GO!
  3. Honor your heart.  Honor what you want.  Yes there are times as owners that we need to make compromises BUT your energy, your desires are a powerful part of why your business works, don’t forget that.
  4. Remind yourself of what’s important.  If you haven’t done a values exercise, hit me up by email and I can share some ideas.  The podcast itself gives a great and simple process.  This is ALWAYS a great reminder.  When we lean into our values, it informs us so often on how to make decisions and can make things clearer instantly.
  5. INVEST in dreaming and investing in your future vision for your business.  Nothing will create regret, discouragement quicker than  being 100% in execution/reaction vs investing in thinking and planning your future vision.  Start small if your margin with time is short.  BUT START.  I love 90 day planning sessions with my clients, and if you need some ideas on how to do this for yourself, again, hit me up by email.  I’d love to help.

No one told us how overwhelming success could be.

No one taught us the fine art of managing our mind.

Start creating your future, stepping into bigger results in your life by taking these steps now.

I am taking a break from releasing new episodes. 

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Have a great rest of June and 4th of July— and I’ll be seeing you soon.

Get your rest, the Fall is going to be amazing.  


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