I help business owners who have reached the level of success where business is happening TO them. I help them stop overworking and stay in growth – for themselves, their team, their clients and their lives.

I was reminded last Sunday by a great sermon that we are not in a sprint but in a race of endurance right now. Frankly, I think?I prefer sprints?and I know ALL OF US, would like to have this weird quarantine and pandemic event be a sprint and be over, LIKE NOW!!!

I want to help you see a hint where having a sprint mentality might not be serving you. For many of us, we love this energy of a new project, leveraging an opportunity, buckling down and doing more for our clients. Especially in an emergency situation like this!!!

But there might be a?hint where sprinting needs some balance or some attention.?

Look at your self care.?

Are you trading extra work hours for: rest, workouts, and good food? Are you rushing into your work without pause? Are you burning the midnight oil many nights a week?

This is a no judgment zone. Stay curious and see what?s up.?

Our self care routine can be a perfect reflection of our mindset around 3 things for the entrepreneurial leader:

1. Our belief that everything is working

When we start losing the faith that our business future is healthy, we start ?doing more? to ensure success. We think that the trade off of a work out or a clean meal prep to work instead will GIVE us more results in our work day. What is more true? It takes some faith in yourself and your business to invest that hour in just yourself. When we do this, honor our personal and physical needs first, we will find that it is the FUEL for our business.?

2. That we’re doing it right.

When we question our actions, decisions and get on shaky ground, it feels not so great. It can create an anxiety that we want to push away. THIS is why it is so common to drink more and eat more fluff food than you think. When our self-esteem takes a hit (from our own doubt and self judgment) we simply want to feel better so we reach out for quick fixes like alcohol and carbs. Remind yourself of what IS working on a more regular basis and you will find more ease at saying no to unnecessary alcohol and sweets to temper that anxiety.

3. That we?re showing up as we intend (both with family and your team)

As leaders when we are running too hard, we can be SO short and crabby with our loved ones and our team. The last thing we want to do, right? OK, during this season we are ALL a little shorter with our loved ones. It?s to be expected. I want you to stay out of the judgment zone here when you?ve lost it with another human. Get curious why you are upset. Notice that thought and give yourself grace, go apologize but take responsibility for the way you are thinking of and taking care of yourself. This is a self care piece that can get ignored. Take some time for yourself SO that you have room to be that great leader and family member.

I?m in the middle of April?s Master (your Mind) Class. During last week?s class, the best part was hearing examples where members got brave, owned their zone of genius and expertise and SERVED. What resulted? REAL results.

  • Fundraising at 40% of goal in just a week because of a brave stance.?
  • New client because of a brave reach out, oh and biggest client to date.
  • 2 new clients because one of our members bravely reminded her clients that this is NOT a time to wait but to serve those in pain.
  • Another member of the group shared she finally dropped some ?guilt thoughts? that were wearing her down because she LOVED how she was serving her clients in a new way.?
  • Watching the members help each other with places they were stuck. So much insight from the group as a whole.?

Great results both financial and personal growth are natural when we invest in thinking in a way that creates great clarity and true value. The essence of your zone of genius.?

Imagine how we?re all going to walk out of this crisis if we pay attention and learn to cultivate each of our unique zones of genius: courage, clarity, & confidence.

Get on the waitlist for May?s Zone of Genius class, just CLICK HERE.?May?s class starts the first week of May. ALL DETAILS WILL BE LAUNCHED next Tuesday when enrollment opens.?

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