I help business owners who have reached the level of success where business is happening TO them. I help them stop overworking and stay in growth – for themselves, their team, their clients and their lives.

Are you at a point where you feel like your business is running you vs you running your business?

The good news is you?ve created a business where you?re in demand, you are serving clients.

The bad news is all of those stressful feelings are robbing you of the joy of doing what you?re designed to be doing AND could be hurting future business growth.

We can start feeling like we are a victim of our own doing if we?re not careful. Victimhood is a powerless space. When our business overwhelms us we must make the shift from REACTION to INTENTION.

There is a simple solution.

  1. Take more time to plan your week/then each day with intention.
  1. Protect your time to be working IN your business.
  1. Plan Your Top 3 Daily to do?s as Non-Negotiable

These actions work but they work best with a new question:

  • How can I lead my calendar this week?
  • What do my clients need from me?
  • What is one new revenue/relationship building activity I can do today?

This shift is vital, because when we?re in response mode only, we can unintentionally be putting up a CLOSED FOR BUSINESS sign on our door. When we are always reacting, we can easily procrastinate the important and valuable work that we do AND can get frustrated with the people that are actually paying us to do this work.

Intention comes from confidence that everything is working.

Reaction comes from a worry that there won?t be any business tomorrow.

You might have to keep choosing Intention again and again, our brain loves reacting to everything that comes its way. It is our job to filter and decide what is most important.

Our brain is always on alert, it is GREAT at reacting. Just one email alert from a client and we?re on edge, distracted and worrying about our business.

Our brain is also able to be managed. It actually takes direction quickly.

Take time to plan well from believing it is all working, you got this!

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